How NOT to End a Relationship

Hello gentlemen!  This post is dedicated to ensuring you don’t end your relationships in the worst way.

I’ve had relationships I just knew would not last, but I had to give them a try.  Thus when they ended I was not surprised.  But in all of my relationships my boyfriends and I had the sense to breakup properly – that’s why while we are no longer romantically linked, we have remained friends.  Here’s hoping my tips help you end relationships the same way.

Some relationships are just doomed to never see another day. And sometimes, even worse than the bad relationship itself is the bad way some people choose to break it up. If you’re a guy who’s looking to break free from a bad relationship, read on and know what to avoid at all costs.

Here are some of the worst ways of breaking up known to mankind:

Cheating. To cheat your way into a breakup is one of the stupidest things you could ever think of. One, it’s disrespectful. Two, it’s going to cause a lot of drama. Three, you’re dooming your next relationship to failure by starting it on the wrong foot. Cheating is just so low. Do not taint your supposed gentlemanliness by putting two women in an insecure position that they don’t deserve. Be man enough to finish one relationship before starting another one – at the right time.

Lying and making lame excuses. If you cannot be honest to someone, you do not deserve the to be in a relationship withher. You are not being fair to yourself and to the other person by lying about the reason for your breakup. One, she’ll never learn from the relationship; two, you’re in for bigger trouble when she finds out the real reason for your breakup. On top of that, correcting something with an equally wrong thing (lying) does not make any sense nor set things right.

Just disappearing without any explanation. This has got to be the lamest and the most pathetic way to end a relationship. You are not saving yourself from the “ensuing drama”. You are not saving face. On the contrary, you are making a huge fool of yourself and putting a poor girl in a bad situation. The least you can do is to leave her a note if you can’t say it to her face, while offering a good explanation of your reason for leaving. At least then she won’t be living with the misery of trying to discover what she did wrong to deserve treatment from you.

A public breakup.  Really? Break up with her? In public? In the loudest voice you could muster? In front of friends and strangers? Really? That’s lower than low. That’s the most unmanly thing to do. It’s not even just ungentlemanly; it’s UNMANLY. Go ahead and make an even bigger fool of yourself; let’s see who gets worse comments between you and the woman you tried to humiliate in public! Btw, flirting on Facebook with another woman falls under this.

Physical violence. This is the most unbelievable, most horrid, most inhumane way a man can end a relationship. Surprisingly, and unfortunately, it’s very common. Lay your hands on a woman only if it is to love her and nurture her, not to make her suffer. The emotional and physical trauma of this is enough to earn you ticket to the deepest, most hellish embers of hell. This is just plain cowardice.

Breakups are never pleasant. But there are always more civil ways to do it. Choose the ways of the gentleman – do it properly. And when you’ve totally gotten over it, here are pickup lines courtesy of that you might find handy. Choose to be humane.

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