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Hi guys!  Do you know that I’m a sucker for compliments?  I remember one time thinking that the guy I was with was just trying to flatter me yet what he said still made me smile.  Perhaps it is our nature as women to appreciate compliments more than men do.  And the good feeling I had about that compliment lasted for quite some time.  Perhaps you guys should take learn to be more vocal about appreciating our good qualities.

Today we feature a blog post from our sister site, Fringe Dating dotNet.

We all know it’s sometimes very hard to attract women. Many women are very selective when it comes to the men they date. That makes it very important to always be at your best behavior if you want to find a girlfriend. One of the best ways to attract a girlfriend is through the use of compliments; but of course this presumes that you know what to say. While this might seem easy, it is more challenging than you might think. Women are much more sensitive than men are, so you need to be especially careful when talking to the girl you like. So, what should you say to her, the girl you like?

Fringe Dating – Conversation Strategies

Begin each day by giving her a compliment. Tell her that you like her outfit or her hair. Make sure that you give her a genuine compliment every day. If you hear her mention that she is getting her hair done tomorrow, make sure that you comment on it the next day. Women love it when you notice a change in their appearance.

You should be in an upbeat mood whenever giving a compliment.  If you are in a lackluster mood, women aren’t as likely to appreciate the compliment. At the end of the compliment, flash a genuine smile. This will put the woman in a good mood for the rest of the day. She will associate the positive feeling she gets from your compliment with you. This will pay off when you ask her out on a date. While she might have declined to go on a date with you when you first met her, she will be more likely to go on a date with you after a few daily compliments. She will associate you with a good time and thus won’t hesitate to say yes the  next time you ask. This is exactly how to get a girlfriend if you have no clue where to start.

Offer to help the girl you like with anything she may be having difficulty with.  Run an errand for her, tutor her in math or music, play with her young sibling – be as helpful as you can.  This will help her build good feelings about you. She will know that you are a person she can count on, which is something girls look for in the men they date. Some like “indicators of value” such as ownership of property. Some like brains rather than brawn. Lisa Kagan talks about this here.

Now that you know what to say, you should be able to attract the right girl in no time. While complimenting a girl that you like everyday takes some getting used to, in time it will seem natural. As long as you are genuine in your conversations with the girl you like, you should have no problem winning her heart. Always be sensitive to the way she feels and make sure that she feels comfortable around you. Once she agrees to go on a date with you, keep showing her your great personality!

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