Are You Dating A Clingy Girl?

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Back in college, I remember having this guy friend who started disappearing when he started going out with this really hot, really popular girl in school. They were always together so we thought, ‘ahh well, new romance! Who can’t say no to a girl as pretty as her?’ They can never be seen apart, they were always together, and I believe the maximum distance between them in public places is less than a centimeter. He waits for her outside the ladies’ room, as she does for him, they eat on the same plate, they wear matching clothes, and I swear I thought they had each other’s face already. We were amazed at the way our friend knows how to attract women, especially popular girls in school.

You would have thought they were the happiest couple and paradise hath come upon them when they were together. But we were wrong. He was unhappy. I was bewildered when he said how he was really feeling, six months into their relationship. He felt choked, he felt his personal space was violated, and he felt like he had lost himself because she wants all of his attention, time, and all of him. He hated her being clingy.

But what exactly is a clingy girl?

Clingy – girls and boys alike – are people who are so insecure about themselves that they turn to their partners for security. They are quite normal when they are with friends and around other people; only their partners know how weird they can get. They are extremely and illogically jealous and as already mentioned, they want their partners all to themselves forever and ever and ever!!  PMS is an altogether different matter.

Finding the words to say around girls may be hard, but a little warning: clingy girls (and clingy men) would definitely hold on to every word you say. So be careful and watch what you’re saying, if your significant other is clingy. Do not make false promises or they will make your life a living hell when you break it.

I don’t understand why but for some reason, we are more aware of clingy women than clingy men. But I am pretty sure clingy men do exist even in its purest form.

For some people, clinginess is a red flag for a long-term relationship, while others get high on the attention. If you are one guy who can’t stand the thought of living in a world where only the two of you are together, then here are some telltale signs of clinginess in a girl:

She’s always calling you. And when she’s not, she’s texting you.

She texts you when you have not responded to her text for more than 5 minutes.

She gets illogically jealous even of people who she shouldn’t be jealous of (i.e. sisters or female cousins)

She gets jealous of your friends and thinks they are bad influence on you

She gets upset everytime you go out anywhere without her

She won’t do things without you

She devotes all her time and attention to you and she expects you to do the same

She spies on you through friends and acquaintances

She wants detailed information about your daily routine and whereabouts

Clingy girls are not bad girls; something in their lives may have turned them into these kinds of people. They may have been so badly hurt in the past and this is just their way of coping. They want full control of their partners so they don’t get hurt again.

If this is not your kind of thing, then end the relationship before it blossoms.  Do it as soon as you realize you can’t stand this kind of attention. Otherwise, you’ll both end up in a mire of hurt, anger and jealousy. Save yourselves! Now!


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