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Good News: There’s (Dating) Life Beyond Gaming!

Hello dear readers!

You know, I have always found it hard to relate to guys with some kind of addiction. – I’ve dated guys with a variety of them so I should know.  Guys who just can’t keep their noses off their beloved books, guys who so love RPG they almost forget everything else, guys whose passion for music excludes most everyone else, etc.  But I draw the line on guys addicted to drugs – that is just a dead end.  My latest brush with an addicted person is with a fanatic gamer – RPG and the lot!  While we managed to stay together for a while, gaming got in the way eventually.  I still think we could have made it if he had just made small adjustments.  I hope the tips in this post help gamers have a full dating life outside of their computer screens.

Non-gamers won’t understand the passion, excitement and adrenaline that goes through a gamer’s body. They all accuse gamers of having ‘no life’ that’s why they do nothing but just sit around all day and spend all of their free time pretending to be high profile car thieves or some knight in a make-believe world between earth and hell (or something like that).

And because of all the time and energy that gamers spend on their in front of computer screens, they don’t only miss out on their social lives but their presence is also sorely missed – on the dating scene.

But that’s not how it should be! Gamers should not have to choose between his game and his girl. He should balance both his real and his virtual life so he can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Dating Tips For A Gamer

Forget about being the gaming geek who can’t snag girls. Be the gaming geek who can win girls as good as he can win extra lives and powerups. Here are some essential and very helpful dating tips for gamer guys:

Meet someone online. No time to go out and meet girls? Meet girls while gaming! I am not a gamer myself but I know from my uber-gamer of a boyfriend that the most popular games these days allow you to meet and play with real people including women. So why not make the most of this opportunity? There’s always Facebook for some quality online RnR should you wish to talk and get to know each other better.

Create an awesome online profile. And since you’re trying to get to know women from the online gaming community, the best way for her to know you is through a real-person online profile. And, well, what better site to do that on than Facebook? Make sure you have a Facebook profile that lets women know the other things about you apart from your utmost dedication to your gaming life. And yes, that includes having a real photo of your face and significant posts and not just stuff about gaming.

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Talk about other things too. Just because she appreciates your gaming prowess, or just because she games as much as you does not mean she’d like to talk about it 24/7 – especially if you’re on a date! So be well-rounded. Share the passion but be a holistically interesting person. Your love story should not end every time you beat her at the game.

Explore tons of stuff together. Comic con, gaming competition, gamers meet – go ahead and be each other’s date on these non-date requiring events. Who cares? This is what you both like so why not make the most out of it? But that should not end there. Apart from sharing your passion, you can always (and should) take her to some other things that interest you (and her) as well.

Look good and clean. I’ve heard from a little birdie that, erm, gamers kinda’ get a little too carried away with their games that they forget to shower and brush. No judgments and no generalizing, really, but if you’re that kind, I suggest you change – literally. And maybe it’s time to invest in a date wardrobe. *Wink*

How about Online dating? Click here for a good guide from PUA Database.

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Steer Clear Of These Types Of Movies When Going On A Date!

Good day people!

When I was just starting to date, I was always apprehensive whenever a guy asks me to go on a movie date.  You know why?  There is no telling if we can find something we both will enjoy.  I mean, men usually like action flicks while we generally prefer light drama and love stories.  Besides, being in a dark theater hardly gives me a chance to really get to know someone better, such as before deciding to take a relationship on to the next stage.  But if you still want to go on a movie date, you must remember to avoid certain types of movies.  Here are some tips.

So you’ve decided to do what most dating gurus tell you not to: take her on a movie date. The thing about movie dates is that, you have very little control of what might happen there. You can’t make your moves, you can’t impress her with your personality, and seriously, if you’ve imagined it to be that one perfect moment to make out with her – you’re absolutely wrong. Here’s my favorite dating advice for men website.

There are only two real things that you can control in this situation, and the only two clear ways where you can give her a peek at your personality while you’re at it: how you behave and to which movie you’re taking her to. After all, we all assume, you get to pick the movie.

Types of movies that you should avoid

So while how you act during a movie date is a totally different story reserved for another day, and I can’t really tell you what exactly to watch, let me just share with you the 5 types of movies that you should avoid going to. I’ll also try to tell you why. Here they are:

A Gory horror or thriller (i.e. Saw, Dawn of the Dead, etc) can quickly spoil your mood. Gore films are not your ideal movie date material simply because it is gore. It is disgusting; so whether or not you’re watching it before or after dinner, your innards won’t be happy about it. It’s not the kind of scary that would make her want to cuddle with you or cover her face with your beloved biceps. It will make her want to throw up. Reserve this for when you are more comfortable with each other; you wouldn’t want her to hear you scream like a little girl when the innards pop out right?

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Slapstick comedy movies (i.e. The Three Stooges, Johnny English, Ace Ventura are funny but they are movies you would be better off watching with other guys. Apart from the fact that she may not like it, these movies also do not evoke the right kind of emotions which would make her fall in love with you. Plus, they may actually be too funny for you that you’d lose yourself in utter surrender devoid of any trace of poise – turn off!

Heavy family drama (i.e. Steel Magnolias, Cinderella Man, The Lovely Bones) she may like, but can you really stand it? They are great for Sunday cuddles and late night movie marathons at home with your girlfriend. But if you’re just getting to know each other and just going out, this may not be the best thing to watch. She may enjoy it sure, but you wouldn’t want her to catch you doing either of these: (a) crying like a little boy or (b) falling asleep mid-movie.

Movies that are too sexually-themed (i.e. Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Original Sin, etc) will give the wrong impression; there are tons of movies out there to watch instead.  For the first few dates with a woman, a sex-themed movie especially ones that show boobies or very explicit almost porn-esque scenes can be very disturbing. On top of that, you would not want her to think that you are trying to sublimely lure her into getting into bed with you.

Cartoons (The Smurfs, the Muppets, Tangled) should really be for kids only.  The only reason you should take her to the movies just to watch cartoons is if her little brother, little sister, nephew, niece, or any other kid comes with you on your date. Otherwise, please don’t bore her just yet with your childishness. Wait for a few dates later.

I found an interesting article to help you. Read it here ????

Good Luck!

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Scouring Hollywood News For Relationship Lessons



Hello guys!  This is still Jeanette, this time posting a few relationship tips we can learn from watching Hollywood celebrity updates!

Many women, like me, enjoy watching TV programs which focus on the lives and relationships of Hollywood celebrities.  I like watching both the victories as well as the breakups, not because I am nosy; I really think we can learn from both the successes and failures of other people especially with regard to relationships, thus this post.

Watching TMZ and following the interesting and exaggerated and sensationalized world of the world’s elite and most popular people might not be everyone’s cup of tea – especially not amongst most men. But trust me, it has its benefits.

But first, here’s a lesson on how to approach a woman anywhere you meet her.

Relationship Lessons

In this article, let me break down some of the most valuable relationship lessons from some of Hollywood’s men (and maybe women) that you, Mister, can definitely learn from. So brace yourselves, watch your Hollywood counterparts succeed in their own relationships carefully followed around by the careful and scrutinizing lens of the paparazzi cams.  Here are a few tips we can take from the lives of our onscreen idols:

Drugs don’t do you or your relationship any good. So Charlie Sheen may still have kept his superstar status net-worth wise but drugs have certainly dragged him down leading to a nasty divorce and child-custody battle with the Denise Richards. So forget about even trying any type of illegal drugs, or you’ll end up with the nastiest wrinkles and the worst signs of premature ageing you’ll ever see.

Cheating is bad, very bad. I’m not sure who I should start with on cheating, but I guess Jude Law will do the job. Jude Law kind of had a cheating streak that made him quite infamous. His charm moved several notches down when he did it once, and even further when he did it again.  And that’s just Jude Law; let’s not even start discussing Tiger Woods. Darling, cheating is bad. It’s not something you should do with pros or the advice of pros. It’s something you should NEVER do with anyone at all.

Funny guys snag gorgeous girls. Funny guy Jason Sudeikis is hardly Sexiest Man of the Year material, but he is dating the gorgeous, stunning, and very, very beautiful Olivia Wilde. So start improving that humorous side of yours and put it to good use.

There’s more to a relationship than just good looks, because even the most handsome ones can fail in relationships too. Ryan Reynolds, aka the Green Lantern, was the Sexiest Man Alive of a few years ago, but that didn’t stop the failure of his marriage with equally attractive chick Scarlett Johansson.

A proper breakup is always called for. Liam Hemsworth would have done Miley Cyrus and himself a big favor if he just broke up with her properly and maybe even sooner. It just got more complicated when they took it much longer than they should have. You think he could be partially responsible for her rebellious twerking???

Great men keep great friendships for a very, very long time. Okay, so this may not technically count for a romantic relationship but hey, a friendship is a relationship too! Take Rob Scheider and Adam Sandler, or James Franco and Seth Rogen, and tons of other Hollywood man BFF’s. Keeping a great friend for a long, long time will tell girls that you do know a thing or two about commitment and loyalty.

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Be Her Girlfriends’ Best Friend

Hello friends!

Do you know that I am part of a large group of women friends?  My friends and I have been on many adventures together, and I’ve known most of them since high school; that is much longer than I have known any of my past boyfriends and even the current one.  To say that I am very tight with my group is a gross understatement.  As such, their opinions affect me in the same manner as my opinions also sway them.  Good thing my current boyfriend gets along with them very well!

Everyone knows that girls never operate alone. If you think men work better in groups, you’ve really got to see women in action. We are always in groups! Maybe we are just as good professionally solo, but our extra time is always spent with a girlfriend or two. Girls hardly shop alone, or go to the salon alone; women in far flung farms in the developing countries of this world tend to their plants together and enjoy their hearty leaf-wrapped lunch together; heck, a good dating story is never fun and enjoyed alone! We love group calls, group chats, and group everything – yes, today’s woman has made a social group out of her every activity.

And therefore, if you – the enamored gentleman – cannot win the hearts of her friends, your ladylove will never be fully happy with you. And your would-be relationship would never be as awesome and as fun for her – the “you-and-me-against-the-world” kind of romance kind of takes a bigger toll when her friends make up most the “the world” for her.

Want some tips on making a girl laugh (killer seduction trick from SIBG)? This will definitely help you!

Win Her Girlfriends

So it is important to win her girlfriends. It doesn’t matter whether these girlfriends have outwardly expressed their hate towards you; it is important that her friends like you in the same way that it would make a huge difference if your friends like your ladylove:

Arrange special dates between you and her girlfriends. So what if you have to spend time at the karaoke, belting out to Spice Girls and Adele all night? Or get your manly toenails nailfiled to your manliness death if it means exchanging high-five’s with the very girls who will tell her to give you one more chance when your girlfriend wants to break up with you? Yes, it will be worth it to swap beer nights with a few apple martini nights every once in a while.

Don’t give her a hard time when she wants a girls’ night out. Apart from spending time with them, it would also be great if she never has to whine to her friends about you not letting her go out with them. Don’t be an anarchist! Let her go out when she wants to as long as it does not get in the way of your own quality time!

Get them to connive with you on your surprises for your ladylove. This is a double winner: you make your lovey happy, and you also make her friends happy for her. Real girlfriends are those who feel happy when something enviably wonderful happens to their friend, and if she has these exact same friends, they’ll love you for the way you love their friend.

Praise your girlfriend in front of them. Nothing beats the oooh-ing and aaah-ing of inspired girls when one of their own finds the best man for her. And you’ve got to be that best man who makes them gush and sigh when you talk to them about your girlfriend. That’s a sure winner!

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So, are you ready to win them girlfriends? *Wink* and *Z-snap*

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Winning Her Mom’s Vote

Hi friends!

Do you know that I just told my boyfriend it may be time for him to meet my parents?  You all should have seen the reaction on his face.  Maybe he watched and believed in the situations shown in the movie “Meet the parents.”  But you know what? Unless you have less than good intentions, meeting and impressing the parents should not be too hard.  The best way to get a headstart is to make sure you impress her mother – it’s she who will likely win the father’s approval for you.

After meeting her girlfriends, there comes a time in a lasting relationship where you’d have to meet each other’s parents. While may think the father of your girlfriend will be your greatest challenge, impressing her mommy wouldn’t exactly be easy either, although she’d be much more accommodating and much less intimidating to say the least (just imagine all the treats and goodies she’s going to make for you when you come over to visit).  It all depends on how you approach her.

Well, how to make a woman like you is a way easier to learn than to make her mom like you.

Tips to impress her Mom

However, in comparison to the difficulty of having to impress her dad, impress her mom could work to your advantage. Getting her vote, after all, is inching just a tiny wee bit closer to impressing her dad. So how do you win mommy? Here are some very wonderful tips:

Always come with a special gift just for her. Men will always worry exaggeratedly about what gift to give to the daddy and just settle on some fresh flowers for the mommy. That’s terribly  wrong way to impress women. Ask your girlfriend about what her mom likes and what makes her happy. Great suggestions would be a new tea set, some ornamental plant if she’s a green thumb, or a framed cross stitch work for her foyer or living room.

Call her beforehand. It would take a lot of guts and maybe a shot of tequila straight up to get the courage to make that call but if you nail it, you’d be one step ahead. Call to ask about her, if there’s anything you can get for her on the day you visit, and just generally get yourself semi-acquainted before the big meet.

Ask about her daughter’s childhood. Not every guy around has that kind of interest in their lover’s past; the ladies may be more attuned and more interested to these sort of things, but your girlfriend’s mother would be more than delighted to tell you her stories. (This might cause your girlfriend to blush a bit though).

Dress to impress. Your girlfriend’s mother comes from a different generation, more likely than not, a generation that knows how to value proper grooming and being well-dressed. So dress the part of the guy who wants to be decent when he gets introduced to the most important people in his girlfriend’s life. You don’t have to look fancy or rich, but you have to look respectable. Putting an effort to look your best is showing that in fact you respect and value the opportunity of getting to know them. And while most men let this little detail slip away, the mommy absolutely won’t.

Make her laugh. Humor is a very important component in every relationship and it is one of the most efficient ways to break the ice. And it is your best tool in winning your girlfriend’s mother. Stick to old school, nicety nice kind of humor, or poke-fun-at-yourself kind of jokes. She may not exactly get the allusion on pop culture stuff so keep things friendly and chronologically relevant.

Put your best foot forward with your manners. Etiquette sweeps any potential mother-in-law off her feet, everytime. So never forget your own mom’s lessons about it!

Good luck!

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“Marketing” Yourself – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Hello beautiful people!

You know the guys I get attracted to always have something unique about them.  It may be a soulful pair of eyes, bedroom voice, a heart-melting smile or loads of confidence; it does not really matter as long as I see something unique to admire in them. So you guys better take notice because most women think and react like I do!

Dating and impressing women is both an art and a business proposition.  When you’re single and looking for someone to commit to, you will meet tons of women who, like you, are meeting tons of other men. And you want to stand out to the right woman. In this process, it is all about creating your own mark, your own “Brand” and advertising it the right way of course. It is what women will talk about when your name is brought up; it is how you will be remembered by the women you’ve met.

How to do it?

How do you create your own brand? How do you want women to remember you after they’ve met you? And how do you make sure that a woman’s impression of you is good? Here are some tips on how to create your own “brand” and how to use it to successfully meet the right woman:

Define who you are. What do you like and dislike? What are you like as a boyfriend and as a friend? What are your interests and your pet peeves? What do you love talking about? What are you most passionate about? Who are you? The answers to these questions will help you define who you are and who you will be to the women that you meet.

Find out what the best thing is about you. Is it your good looks? Or your business smarts? Is it your musical talent? Or is it your being close to your family? Maybe it’s your athletic skills. Whatever it is, enhance it, hone it, and make sure the girl you’re on a date with is aware of it. The secret to making this stick in her mind is how you present it. Pique her interest about your best asset, make her want to know more about it, and divulge things little by charming little. This will make you seem humble about it (as you should ideally be).

Impress her with the packaging. She won’t see your brain or your heart when you enter the room. She won’t know that you’ve had the highest GPA before you sit down and talk about both your achievements. What she will first see is how you look like, and you have to impress her by it right from the very first minute. When dressing up according to your ‘brand’, here’s a tip: have a signature look and a signature item. It could be a man-brooch, a quirky watch, or your signature scent (remember: women’s noses are very sensitive and can invoke memories). And make sure your outfit always compliments you and highlights your best physical asset.

And be comfortable in the skin you’re in. No brand is ever too effective if you yourself are not convinced about it. Be comfortable about who you are and how you represent yourself; if you can convince yourself you are who you’re presenting yourself to be, you can likely convince a woman about your “brand”. After all, based on the steps above, you are not presenting yourself to be someone else – just a more presentable, attractive version of the person that you are.

Does she like you? Use this checklist! This is a sure thing now!

Questions? Concerns? Need advice? Need tips? Email me now at! I’ll promise to get back to all of you as fast as I can!

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What to Do When “Dating Fatigue” Hits

Greetings dear readers!

Dating can be tiring too.

Do you know what it’s like when you fail despite having tried your best?  Well that applies to dating too, and I should know – it happened to me.  It was after a very difficult breakup when I felt I was too drained to want to date again – ever!  Don’t worry if the same happens to you though, because it’s normal to feel that way sometimes and also because the feeling passes.  How long it takes for you to get over it, if that is really what you want to do, depends on how you approach the problem.

“The cycle of meeting woman after woman after woman in the same process of going out, getting cozy, and falling out even before it materializes into something good and potentially lasting can become too much for some people after some time.”

Dating can be tiring, and no one can blame you. After all, that’s time and energy invested into something that just went totally down the drain – sometimes in the most horrible, most traumatizing way in the form of awful dates.

What do you do when you get to this point in your single life? What should you do when you don’t feel like meeting women? Should you already wave the white flag on dating and confine yourself into becoming the male version of the lonely spinster with a hundred pet cats?

Try these!

When dating fatigue hits you in the face, here are things that you might actually want to try:

Being happily single. Stop going out on dates. Give your heart and mind a break and stop going out on dates. Seeking women can be an elixir of vitality for some men, but after some time, futile hours spent trying to win a girl who ends up being an emotional wreck, a psycho, or someone totally out of your league can weaken you. So stop going on dates. Go on a ‘date holiday’ and enjoy time for yourself. Stop listening to people trying to pressure you into being in a relationship. Stay single for as long as you want and need; trust me, you’ll survive it. You’ll discover a lot of things about yourself that you would not have known otherwise if you didn’t give yourself time to be alone in your thoughts. The best part is you won’t have to pay for two dinners and your phone bill would probably be cut in half! Know how to play mind games with women ????

Try a different approach to dating. We get into dating with expectations. We always want something good to come out of each date and expecting each one of them to succeed – whilst normal and common to most – may not be healthy for your heart. Before going out to meet a lady on a date, tell yourself and the universe this: “surprise me!” Drop your notions and presumptions about how the date is going to be like, how she’s going to be like, and how good your kids would look like. Treat dating a little more casually – you might just enjoy it more.

Discover and mingle with a different crowd. Maybe your usual hangouts and the usual type of people don’t get you excited or happy anymore. Maybe you need a taste of the more conservative type, or the more eccentric ones. Either way, try to discover the people outside of your usual crowd and your comfort zone; there might be something there that suits and fulfills what you’re looking for in dating. Don’t be afraid to try to new things; after all that’s the only way to discover new stuff and new people too.

Everyone gets tired at some point. Embrace it, be willing to live with it for that’s the only way to know what you want to do next.

Thanks for reading! Also read this interesting article from ????

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Don’t You Dare Tell Her These Things

Good day friends!

One of the most common complaints from men is that it is very hard to understand women.  on the other hand, I feel so frustrated that men don’t understand us women – and I am by no means alone.  That is something that may have contributed to my latest breakup, and a few others before that. One  of the usual things that bring a relationship to a head is when men, unintentionally for the most part, offend women with the things they say.

Men don’t know women. And perhaps they never will.

It’s funny just how long men have been chasing women and how far the human civilization has come but men still find women a total mystery. Except for the chosen few amongst the male lot who have mastered the SIBG guide on humor seduction or called themselves experts in women (aka playboys and gays), men still make the same mistakes their ancestors did. Forgotten dates, inappropriate gifts, and more commonly, wrong remarks are the top three on the women’s offense list. And mind you, it is wrong.

5 things you shouldn’t tell her.

And since wrong remarks are the most common offense (and oftentimes, the most offensive), here’s a little heads up to every man out there. Here are 5 things a woman would never want to hear from her man:

“You don’t look good in that dress”. This becomes extra offensive if she dressed and made up for hours to go out with you. Boy, remember this: she wants you to appreciate her, and she just definitely wants you to be proud of her, and be proud to be walking around with her. Not so much for being a trophy girlfriend, but it does not harm our female egos for our men to show us off.

“Did you gain weight?” The only way this statement is non-offensive is if your girlfriend is underweight and is working hard on gaining weight. But for the most of us, we are in a constant battle with weight gain, expanding waistlines, and arms that seem to be in a size competition with the size of our legs.  Why not try “Have you lost some weight?” for better results? [15]

“My ex *insert verb here* so much better!” of “My ex is *insert comparative adjective here*”. Even when you didn’t mean it to belittle your girlfriend, anything that tells her that she’s inferior to your ex-girlfriend in any way is offensive and could land you in the couch for several nights, along with several servings of the cold shoulder! Seriously, how would you feel if you get compared to your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend? You likely wouldn’t like it knowing the average size of the male ego! (Oh and one other tip: any mention of the ex would similarly merit the same amount of rage from your girlfriend so just avoid it at all costs anyway).

“You’re just like your mother”. Mother-daughter relationships are as sweet as it is competitive. And definitely not all women appreciate being compared to their own moms, mostly because they get a lot of that at home. You are likely to be opening up old wounds if you drop this type of bomb and she may never forgive you for it.

“It was nothing, not a big deal!” A woman makes a big deal out of everything, that’s for sure. And if you made a mistake, if you did something that’s obviously wrong and made her upset, the last thing you’d want to do is shrug it off as something that’s “not a big deal” and try to get away with it, or worst, justify it.

Saying this to a woman is the worst way to end a relationship with her. So, men, which of these are you guilty of?

Instead, read this article to know what is the right thing to say ????

Questions? Concerns? Need advice? Need tips? Email me now at! I’ll promise to get back to all of you as fast as I can! God Bless!

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