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Being On The Fringe! The Story

Hey there!

Lots of people asked me what it’s like to be a founding member of, and I have a one-word answer for them: STRESS!

Everyday, people are subjected to different forms of stress. A stress can be work related, school related, health related, problems in marriage or relationship, or problems within the family. Any form of stress can trigger an increase in the stress hormone which can bring about a negative physiologic reaction inside our body. And this is the reason I started Let me explain further.

Battling Stress – The Origins of Fringe Famous

One good example would be those who work on a night shift and are thus deprived of good and restful sleep. Sleep deprivation can induce the release of cortisol which is a stress hormone and increasing levels of such hormone in the body can weaken the immune system. As a consequence, the body becomes an easier prey to other forms of stress such as infection and body weakness. Hence, stress can lead to various physical, emotional, social, and even spiritual problems. It is the very reason why most people opt to undergo the process of meditation.

Meditation is the process of setting ones self into a relaxed and focused state which will enable the body to experience a peaceful feeling. It is an activity wherein a person usually sits on the floor in a usual cross-legged position with their eyes closed for a period of time.  Technically, it is not an activity because you are actually doing nothing. But you are dong nothing to achieve something.

Statistics have shown that people under stress who practice meditating experience less pain and health problems. This is attributed to the finding that people who meditate have calmer mind and thus can easily manage stress than those who don’t meditate. If you have problems “getting into state” when it comes to meditating then it is recommended that you try brainwave entrainment technologies. Here’s an article about this technology.

The importance of meditation can never be overemphasized. Unfortunately, because of tight schedules and heavy workload in a large majority of people worldwide, only a few are able to successfully undergo meditation. We say successfully because others are able to try to initiate meditation but unfortunately quit at some point. It may be either due to lack of time or lack of discipline. By discipline, we mean the ability to effectively manage time and perform the meditation with consistency.

With meditation, one is able to relieve themselves of stress. However, relief from stress does not mean success in meditation. What success in meditation means is having a consistent and continuous habit of meditation. Consistency means meditating at a consistent time, duration, and style. Continuity means being able to meditate even if the person has already gained the ability to manage stress and meditate for the purpose of having a continuous peace of mind. Some people find it useful to have meditation music playing in the background. Try it.

Of course, some may claim that meditation also has its roots in hypnosis (which is legitimate science according to Time magazine) and specific hypnosis technique like fractionation. I guess the jury is still out on that.

Meditation is an art as they say. This is why not all people succeed with this kind of art. It requires patience and perseverance. Without which, the probability of quitting is essentially high. It is interesting to note that the more you succeed in your first attempts, the more you gain patience and perseverance and the more you gain them, the more you attain peace. When an individual lives peacefully, he or she becomes more understanding and open-minded.

Perhaps, if all people learn how to meditate, who knows the world might even become a better place. And that is exactly why I started, and so now you know. 🙂

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Be Her Girlfriends’ Best Friend

Hello friends!

Do you know that I am part of a large group of women friends?  My friends and I have been on many adventures together, and I’ve known most of them since high school; that is much longer than I have known any of my past boyfriends and even the current one.  To say that I am very tight with my group is a gross understatement.  As such, their opinions affect me in the same manner as my opinions also sway them.  Good thing my current boyfriend gets along with them very well!

Everyone knows that girls never operate alone. If you think men work better in groups, you’ve really got to see women in action. We are always in groups! Maybe we are just as good professionally solo, but our extra time is always spent with a girlfriend or two. Girls hardly shop alone, or go to the salon alone; women in far flung farms in the developing countries of this world tend to their plants together and enjoy their hearty leaf-wrapped lunch together; heck, a good dating story is never fun and enjoyed alone! We love group calls, group chats, and group everything – yes, today’s woman has made a social group out of her every activity.

And therefore, if you – the enamored gentleman – cannot win the hearts of her friends, your ladylove will never be fully happy with you. And your would-be relationship would never be as awesome and as fun for her – the “you-and-me-against-the-world” kind of romance kind of takes a bigger toll when her friends make up most the “the world” for her.

Want some tips on making a girl laugh (killer seduction trick from SIBG)? This will definitely help you!

Win Her Girlfriends

So it is important to win her girlfriends. It doesn’t matter whether these girlfriends have outwardly expressed their hate towards you; it is important that her friends like you in the same way that it would make a huge difference if your friends like your ladylove:

Arrange special dates between you and her girlfriends. So what if you have to spend time at the karaoke, belting out to Spice Girls and Adele all night? Or get your manly toenails nailfiled to your manliness death if it means exchanging high-five’s with the very girls who will tell her to give you one more chance when your girlfriend wants to break up with you? Yes, it will be worth it to swap beer nights with a few apple martini nights every once in a while.

Don’t give her a hard time when she wants a girls’ night out. Apart from spending time with them, it would also be great if she never has to whine to her friends about you not letting her go out with them. Don’t be an anarchist! Let her go out when she wants to as long as it does not get in the way of your own quality time!

Get them to connive with you on your surprises for your ladylove. This is a double winner: you make your lovey happy, and you also make her friends happy for her. Real girlfriends are those who feel happy when something enviably wonderful happens to their friend, and if she has these exact same friends, they’ll love you for the way you love their friend.

Praise your girlfriend in front of them. Nothing beats the oooh-ing and aaah-ing of inspired girls when one of their own finds the best man for her. And you’ve got to be that best man who makes them gush and sigh when you talk to them about your girlfriend. That’s a sure winner!

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So, are you ready to win them girlfriends? *Wink* and *Z-snap*

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What to Do When “Dating Fatigue” Hits

Greetings dear readers!

Dating can be tiring too.

Do you know what it’s like when you fail despite having tried your best?  Well that applies to dating too, and I should know – it happened to me.  It was after a very difficult breakup when I felt I was too drained to want to date again – ever!  Don’t worry if the same happens to you though, because it’s normal to feel that way sometimes and also because the feeling passes.  How long it takes for you to get over it, if that is really what you want to do, depends on how you approach the problem.

“The cycle of meeting woman after woman after woman in the same process of going out, getting cozy, and falling out even before it materializes into something good and potentially lasting can become too much for some people after some time.”

Dating can be tiring, and no one can blame you. After all, that’s time and energy invested into something that just went totally down the drain – sometimes in the most horrible, most traumatizing way in the form of awful dates.

What do you do when you get to this point in your single life? What should you do when you don’t feel like meeting women? Should you already wave the white flag on dating and confine yourself into becoming the male version of the lonely spinster with a hundred pet cats?

Try these!

When dating fatigue hits you in the face, here are things that you might actually want to try:

Being happily single. Stop going out on dates. Give your heart and mind a break and stop going out on dates. Seeking women can be an elixir of vitality for some men, but after some time, futile hours spent trying to win a girl who ends up being an emotional wreck, a psycho, or someone totally out of your league can weaken you. So stop going on dates. Go on a ‘date holiday’ and enjoy time for yourself. Stop listening to people trying to pressure you into being in a relationship. Stay single for as long as you want and need; trust me, you’ll survive it. You’ll discover a lot of things about yourself that you would not have known otherwise if you didn’t give yourself time to be alone in your thoughts. The best part is you won’t have to pay for two dinners and your phone bill would probably be cut in half! Know how to play mind games with women ????

Try a different approach to dating. We get into dating with expectations. We always want something good to come out of each date and expecting each one of them to succeed – whilst normal and common to most – may not be healthy for your heart. Before going out to meet a lady on a date, tell yourself and the universe this: “surprise me!” Drop your notions and presumptions about how the date is going to be like, how she’s going to be like, and how good your kids would look like. Treat dating a little more casually – you might just enjoy it more.

Discover and mingle with a different crowd. Maybe your usual hangouts and the usual type of people don’t get you excited or happy anymore. Maybe you need a taste of the more conservative type, or the more eccentric ones. Either way, try to discover the people outside of your usual crowd and your comfort zone; there might be something there that suits and fulfills what you’re looking for in dating. Don’t be afraid to try to new things; after all that’s the only way to discover new stuff and new people too.

Everyone gets tired at some point. Embrace it, be willing to live with it for that’s the only way to know what you want to do next.

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Make Her Smile Without Spending A Penny

Howdy guys!

Do you know that for women like me, effort is often worth more than the real value of gifts?  Yes it is.  I still remember the most memorable gifts I have ever received are ones which involve personal effort and a bit of personalization.  Real cost is nothing.  When they say “it’s the thought that counts” believe it!  There are some awesome gift ideas you don’t even need to spend a penny on, literally!

The best things in life are for free. Of course, that would be discounting wines, roses, 5-course dinners, hotel rooms, holiday vacation tickets, and even joyrides from the ‘best things’ list. If the greatest of things are free, everything else that you have to spend on is definitely out of the list.

But would you believe me if I tell you that there are still ways to make your girl happy without spending a single cent on anything? Impossible you say? Raise your eyebrows do you? Wanna bet?

Here are some ways to make your girlfriend happy without spending anything:

Make a love letter. If you think your snail mail is out of fashion, outdated and boring, think again when you see the smile on your girl’s face when she receives one out of the blue and when she least expects it. This is also one of the sure ways of how to get a girl. The mailbox does not necessarily have to be limited to bills and newsletters and magazine subscriptions. It is also a perfect place to hold a surprise handwritten love letter. Why not email you say? Email is too easy. Email is so mainstream and so impersonal. Love letters, on the other hand, contain your handprint, your personal imprint, and maybe your teeny tiny kisses. What do you have to spend for it? You don’t even need to buy a stamp. Stash it in her bag or put it in the mailbox; write it on some clean bond, or borrow some parchment from the office secretary and voila! The tip is to write from the heart and to write honestly – bare your heart with every stroke of your pen. Cost: $0. You might have to deal with teary kisses though; yes, that’s how much power comes from a single handwritten letter. Here are some first lines to get you started.

Serve breakfast in bed. You don’t need to be a Gordon Ramsay to whip up breakfast in bed for le ladylove. The purpose of this is not to show off your culinary skills anyway. The purpose of this gesture is to be sweet and caring and to be seen as the most thoughtful man in the world. So go ahead and scrounge in the pantry for some awesome breakfast surprise. Make pancakes from an instant mix, get some fresh fruits, and maybe even some fresh milk. Arrange them to spell her name, or draw some hearts with your chocolate syrup on her plate and seal it with a kiss. Start her day right and sweet, and she’ll love you all day and all night long.

Stage a magical moment in your very own backyard. Not all women fall for jerks. Gather up some posies and put it on her hair. Set up a mini stage in your garden, or a mini dance ‘floor’. Play some music from Enya and dance under the moonlight. While you’re slow dancing, profess your undying love to her. Tell her how beautiful she is, how amazing she is, and how much you want her. Declare the future you dream of for you and her together and tell her how happy you are with her. Nothing is sweeter than the profession of love of the man you love. If you do this, you have her head over heels for you like it were the very first time.

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