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How To Pick Her Up For Your Date

Hello dear readers!  It’s good to be back with another post about dating.

I’ve always felt that a guy should pick up his date.  It may be just me but that’s how I feel about it.  And I am always attentive when the guy comes to pick me up; I’m always looking for subtle clues about his character.  Is does he open the car door for me?  Does he make sure I am comfortable before driving off?  Does he drive carefully? Etc.  And, yes, I expect to be delivered safely back home after the date.

Chivalry is not dead, and even the slightest hint of it will still earn you points with most women. Unless, of course she takes your chivalry as an indication you’re not treating her as an equal, the simplest gestures will definitely be well appreciated.

When going out on a date, dating experts always suggest at picking up your date.  Some women may be wary of doing this on a first date, especially if she hardly knows you, and softens up to the idea only after three, four, or more dates. However, it is always safe to offer. If she declines, respect her decision graciously. If she accepts, well then keep reading mister! How to attract a woman and make her like you are two different things.  You’ll need to know how to properly pick up a woman for your date:

Be on time. Whether you are picking her up or not, a man should never make his lady wait. It is just rude. Ideally, when picking her up, arrive about 15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to make an impression on her. You are also giving yourself enough time to prep up a bit before presenting yourself to her. This is the best time to dab on some man cologne too.

Since you are making yourself smell good for her, make the most out of it by putting it on just before you knock on her front door.

If you are driving a car, always make sure you park in front of her house or at least close to it. Make sure she does not have to walk far from her door to your car. If you are taking a cab, you may want to ask the cab driver to wait for you guys so she does not have to stand on the curb for long while you try to get another cab.

Bring her something. A small token, a bouquet of flowers, or a bottle of wine or champagne will do. Some sweet stuff will do too. Just as when you have dinner over at a friend’s, a small token is a sign of courtesy. We know you hate buying flowers, but women love them. It does not have to be extremely expensive or grand; even the smallest thought is enough. For a date, a floral bouquet is most ideal. If she lives with her parents, siblings, or friends, an ideal gift would be something that everyone will enjoy – a sweet cake, wine, or something similar would be nice.

Take her home. Drive her home. If you picked her up, common courtesy calls for you to bring her home. Don’t be a jerk. And don’t just sit there at the driver’s seat! Get out of the car and see her safely inside her house before you leave. You’ll never be invited over for some after-dinner date if you just drop her off and drive off like a school bus.

And while at it, don’t forget to be a complete gentleman – helping her to her seat, holding her arm gently while walking, opening the door and car door for her, etc. Remember, she’s your date – not your business partner.

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