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Should You Flirt On Facebook? Sure, Why Not?

G’day mates!

Are you a fan of social media?  I did not really like it till about a couple of years ago when I realized not being in Facebook made me miss a lot of things; meeting new people, keeping in touch with friends, and generally socializing among them.  Social media has both benefits and pitfalls and it should be used with caution – or you’ll soon realize how hard it is to erase a post and mend the frayed relationships it has caused.  But yes, you can flirt on Facebook!

The rise of the social media has made the whole dating and flirting scene more dynamic and, well, more virtual. Earlier, we’ve talked about online dating. This is actually connected to that topic. Its creators must have probably predicted that in one way or another, something more than friendship would grow out of it. Flirting being part of human nature, how can we expect less anyway?

Facebook, in particular, has risen to levels that it’s become an extension of one’s personality in the virtual world. We all have people we met on other networking sites or chat sites that we end up asking whether they have a Facebook profile or not. That is because practically everyone has a Facebook account.

The thing about Facebook is that it is not a dating site. It does not have the ‘flirt’, ‘wink’, ‘gift’, and other features that other sites made specifically for dating have. How do you flirt on Facebook? How to pick up girls?  How do you make your moves on Facebook that could possibly win you a first date?

Here are some guidelines and tips on flirting on Facebook:

Pimp your profile. It’s virtually how you represent yourself to the netizens of the worldwide web. It is therefore very important that you look and ‘sound’ great on your profile. Screen your tagged photos, choose a profile picture that makes you look good, and keep your posts sensible at the very least. Avoid posting photos of your pets or your favorite cartoon characters as your profile picture. It makes girls think you are a “poser” or that you probably don’t exist. Otherwise, if you have privacy issues, stay off social networking sites altogether.

Start with a comment and a few likes. Some people just overdo it by liking endlessly. And the only thing worse than this is to like every post of the girl you’re interested in. Talk about creepy. At least show a little class. Comment on comment-worthy posts, ‘like’ those that are really interesting, and just be visible.

Chat with caution. Just as it is when you’re trying to pickup girls in real life situations, over eagerness can be more harmful than beneficial. Start with a simple, non creepy ‘Hi’, and talk about your common friends or common knowledge about each other whether you’ve met/known each other in person or not. And don’t talk too long at the beginning either. Don’t divulge your intentions too soon and maybe keep her guessing a bit if you’re just being friendly or you’re being flirty. Whether you’re on Facebook or another dating chat site, read this article in Men’s Health  to avoid common mistakes.

Increase presence. The thing about Facebook flirting is that it takes time. Sure a lot of people think that it’s easier, it’s quicker – after all it’s in the virtual realm and it’s more fast-paced. But that’s where most problems come from – haste. So take time. Chat longer, get to know each other better until you become friends, exchange links, tag each other in funny posts.  Then you can move on to be subtly suggestive, compliment her and her posts, etc. After that you can try asking her out.

Facebook is pretty much the real world in a box. The same dating rules apply. Good luck!

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