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Should You Flirt On Facebook? Sure, Why Not?

G’day mates!

Are you a fan of social media?  I did not really like it till about a couple of years ago when I realized not being in Facebook made me miss a lot of things; meeting new people, keeping in touch with friends, and generally socializing among them.  Social media has both benefits and pitfalls and it should be used with caution – or you’ll soon realize how hard it is to erase a post and mend the frayed relationships it has caused.  But yes, you can flirt on Facebook!

The rise of the social media has made the whole dating and flirting scene more dynamic and, well, more virtual. Earlier, we’ve talked about online dating. This is actually connected to that topic. Its creators must have probably predicted that in one way or another, something more than friendship would grow out of it. Flirting being part of human nature, how can we expect less anyway?

Facebook, in particular, has risen to levels that it’s become an extension of one’s personality in the virtual world. We all have people we met on other networking sites or chat sites that we end up asking whether they have a Facebook profile or not. That is because practically everyone has a Facebook account.

The thing about Facebook is that it is not a dating site. It does not have the ‘flirt’, ‘wink’, ‘gift’, and other features that other sites made specifically for dating have. How do you flirt on Facebook? How to pick up girls?  How do you make your moves on Facebook that could possibly win you a first date?

Here are some guidelines and tips on flirting on Facebook:

Pimp your profile. It’s virtually how you represent yourself to the netizens of the worldwide web. It is therefore very important that you look and ‘sound’ great on your profile. Screen your tagged photos, choose a profile picture that makes you look good, and keep your posts sensible at the very least. Avoid posting photos of your pets or your favorite cartoon characters as your profile picture. It makes girls think you are a “poser” or that you probably don’t exist. Otherwise, if you have privacy issues, stay off social networking sites altogether.

Start with a comment and a few likes. Some people just overdo it by liking endlessly. And the only thing worse than this is to like every post of the girl you’re interested in. Talk about creepy. At least show a little class. Comment on comment-worthy posts, ‘like’ those that are really interesting, and just be visible.

Chat with caution. Just as it is when you’re trying to pickup girls in real life situations, over eagerness can be more harmful than beneficial. Start with a simple, non creepy ‘Hi’, and talk about your common friends or common knowledge about each other whether you’ve met/known each other in person or not. And don’t talk too long at the beginning either. Don’t divulge your intentions too soon and maybe keep her guessing a bit if you’re just being friendly or you’re being flirty. Whether you’re on Facebook or another dating chat site, read this article in Men’s Health  to avoid common mistakes.

Increase presence. The thing about Facebook flirting is that it takes time. Sure a lot of people think that it’s easier, it’s quicker – after all it’s in the virtual realm and it’s more fast-paced. But that’s where most problems come from – haste. So take time. Chat longer, get to know each other better until you become friends, exchange links, tag each other in funny posts.  Then you can move on to be subtly suggestive, compliment her and her posts, etc. After that you can try asking her out.

Facebook is pretty much the real world in a box. The same dating rules apply. Good luck!

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How To Pick Her Up For Your Date

Hello dear readers!  It’s good to be back with another post about dating.

I’ve always felt that a guy should pick up his date.  It may be just me but that’s how I feel about it.  And I am always attentive when the guy comes to pick me up; I’m always looking for subtle clues about his character.  Is does he open the car door for me?  Does he make sure I am comfortable before driving off?  Does he drive carefully? Etc.  And, yes, I expect to be delivered safely back home after the date.

Chivalry is not dead, and even the slightest hint of it will still earn you points with most women. Unless, of course she takes your chivalry as an indication you’re not treating her as an equal, the simplest gestures will definitely be well appreciated.

When going out on a date, dating experts always suggest at picking up your date.  Some women may be wary of doing this on a first date, especially if she hardly knows you, and softens up to the idea only after three, four, or more dates. However, it is always safe to offer. If she declines, respect her decision graciously. If she accepts, well then keep reading mister! How to attract a woman and make her like you are two different things.  You’ll need to know how to properly pick up a woman for your date:

Be on time. Whether you are picking her up or not, a man should never make his lady wait. It is just rude. Ideally, when picking her up, arrive about 15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to make an impression on her. You are also giving yourself enough time to prep up a bit before presenting yourself to her. This is the best time to dab on some man cologne too.

Since you are making yourself smell good for her, make the most out of it by putting it on just before you knock on her front door.

If you are driving a car, always make sure you park in front of her house or at least close to it. Make sure she does not have to walk far from her door to your car. If you are taking a cab, you may want to ask the cab driver to wait for you guys so she does not have to stand on the curb for long while you try to get another cab.

Bring her something. A small token, a bouquet of flowers, or a bottle of wine or champagne will do. Some sweet stuff will do too. Just as when you have dinner over at a friend’s, a small token is a sign of courtesy. We know you hate buying flowers, but women love them. It does not have to be extremely expensive or grand; even the smallest thought is enough. For a date, a floral bouquet is most ideal. If she lives with her parents, siblings, or friends, an ideal gift would be something that everyone will enjoy – a sweet cake, wine, or something similar would be nice.

Take her home. Drive her home. If you picked her up, common courtesy calls for you to bring her home. Don’t be a jerk. And don’t just sit there at the driver’s seat! Get out of the car and see her safely inside her house before you leave. You’ll never be invited over for some after-dinner date if you just drop her off and drive off like a school bus.

And while at it, don’t forget to be a complete gentleman – helping her to her seat, holding her arm gently while walking, opening the door and car door for her, etc. Remember, she’s your date – not your business partner.

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Dating Lessons Good Guys Can Learn From Jerks

Hello loyal followers.

Do you ever wonder why the good guys don’t always win?  I have.  And even in my own choices, I sometimes second-guess myself.  Why did I choose an obviously inferior person over someone even I would consider a “good catch?”  A friend enlightened me by explaining that it is often a combination of the natural women’s psyche and “marketing” on the guy’s part that seals the deal.  To understand what lessons good guys can learn from jerks, read on.

So you’ve been friendzoned. Or you’ve been dumped. And chances are, you have been turned down for the class jerk. You look at your face in the mirror and all you see are disappointment, misery, and a huge blow to your already shattered ego.

You can’t help but ask: why? And then you look at the jerk who took the girl home – along with all the other girls – and continue to ask: why, why, why?

You look at yourself once more and think: you’re nice, you’re loyal, you’re sweet and sensitive, you know how to listen, and she even says you’re ideal and that she’d be so envious of the girl who gets to go home with you. She says all those nice things about you and yet, she goes home with the a-hole.

Why? Here are some of the reasons why girls fall for jerks (and the lessons you can learn from these douche bags too):

Girls love the ego. Girls hate cocky guys, or so we say. Truth is, much as we hate it, girls are attracted to men who can handle themselves, who know themselves well, and who are secure about themselves. Girls find these men attractive because they believe that these men will handle them well. Or they would like to test whether or not women can actually hurt the male ego. If you’re the nice guy, you probably have to learn a thing or two about ego. You have to boost your self esteem so you appear confident. But because you’re the nice guy, you know where the line is drawn between arrogant and confident. Isn’t that just wonderful and absolutely attractive?

Girls like playing mommy. Ever wonder why girls are dating jerks who would not even lift a finger to prepare his own coffee? Who couldn’t even pick up the phone? Who couldn’t handle themselves after a few bottles of alcohol? And then the girl comes to the rescue even when she knows he’s flirted all night with every female creature at the bar? Well, that’s just her maternal instinct working. Women love being needed, taking care of someone, to be the go-to girl when he’s down and troubled – the be the bigger person, selfless and caring and doting like a mother. Ask the guys over at and they’ll tell you I am right! When you’re dating some girl and don’t want to be friendzoned, try being a little needy. Call her when you’re sad, ask her for help on what to get your mom, or get her opinion about how to celebrate your birthday. No, you don’t have be a total douche to let a girl feel needed. It’s all but a matter of balance.

Girls have a weird sense of heroism. He’s cheating. He’s a drunk. He parties a lot and leaves her alone. He wouldn’t even get her anything for her birthday. But she stays. She does not entertain other guys but him. Why? Because somewhere deep in her heart, she hopes and believes that she could be the one to turn this brute of a man around. It’s called the Messiah complex, and a lot of women have it. It just takes a little work and some tearful nights. If you want a girl to fall for you, ask for her help and let her know that you’ve become better because of her. That she’s “saved” you from yourself. (But please don’t overdo it!)

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Dealing With Her PMS

Sorry guys, I just feel the need to post this. I’ve done you a favor by just putting the acronym on the title.  Too much info, right? But hey, if you’re going to deal with this EVERY MONTH, might as well be well-equipped than sorry!

So what’s PMS? (It’s not as gross as you think!)

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) – a monthly occurrence in a woman’s life that comes the week of or before her period; largely believed to be caused by fluctuations in her hormones; characterized by any or a combination of weird food cravings, exaggerated fickle mindedness, moodiness, being temperamental, being highly emotional, or all of those symptoms combined; also known as “every-boyfriend’s-worst-monthly-nightmare”.  And no, it’s not just being clingy!

I have read about us girls not using PMS as an excuse to be mean and less than agreeable towards our dear darling boyfriends countless times already. And yes, I couldn’t agree more. It is the most unfair of things.

We experience different kinds of pains during PMS. We just need understanding.
But let me be the voice of all the women out there and allow me to give you fool proof tips for boyfriends on how to handle girlfriends on PMS. (These are inspired by how my own boyfriend handles my seemingly impossible moods in the midst of my PMS).

What to Do

Feed her. What else can be better than food when your hormones are having a party at your expense? Indulge them on foods that release happy hormones like chocolates and other sweets like ice cream. I’ve heard, too, that bananas have that same power so go ahead and get her the most beautiful banana split in the world. Oh, but of course it wouldn’t hurt to bring her whatever her favorite food is.

Get her to be productive. I’ve noticed, amongst me and my friends, that we get extra “clean” with our surroundings on the days leading up to our ‘red days’. We clean out our bags, our rooms, our houses – everything. And so, when she’s on her PMS, offer to help her with cleaning the difficult parts of the house like the ceilings or change her busted lights for her.

Workout with her. Even when it’s supposed to be the crankiest and laziest of days, PMS days are crucial to having a pain-free period. Working out the week before her period will help ease the muscles of the belly and the pelvis, thereby reducing the chances of getting cramps on “the day”. Encourage her to sweat it out with you at the gym and use this bit of ‘science’ to encourage her especially if you know that she is a prone to cramps. I heard yoga is awesome.

Cuddle when she needs it, let go when she say so. Some girls get quick bolts of pain in the belly and pelvis even before the first day of period comes. Oh, and to most of us, our skins become very sensitive and we say ‘ouch’ more often and even for the slightest of touches. In my case too, I always feel like I need to do number 2. Good thing I can now bring with my iPad with me. My toilet read would always be with me.

When she feels the pain, rub her belly gently or cuddle with her. It never fails to make us feel comfortable. But let go when she says doesn’t feel like it or risk unleashing the kraken. We can take all the painkillers in the market and still not get enough relief. So lend us a hand (literally).

Make her laugh. This part is challenging but I’m very proud to say my boyfriend is very good at this. The thing is, we sometimes even feel depressed during this period. My eyebrows could be meeting in an epic frown and I may be the spawn of the devil for all he cares – he will try his best to make me laugh. And somehow he makes it work!

These things sound like a lot of work but then again, it will always depend on two things: how much you care for your girl and/or how much you want to avoid her awful PMS moods. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS SO PLEASE BEAR WITH US! We get headaches and pains all over our body. And this is every month. We just need you to understand.

How about you guys, what do you usually do to help your girl feel better on PMS days?

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Online Dating: Boon Or Bane?

Hello Fringers! I was on Facebook earlier and saw an old friend post her pics with her family in Melbourne. She’s married to an Australian chef and they have settled down in Australia. I can’t help but be amazed at how they met – online!

It is amazing how technology has taken a big leap since the invention of the computer. I grew up in the 1990s when technology was just picking up its pace. Back then, dating meant meeting someone in person, spending time with that someone while trying to get to know the person better before deciding whether he or she was a perfect match.

In this digital age, however, everything seems to be possible with just a few clicks on our computers. The internet has really gone a long way from the wonky dial-up to the lightning speed of LTE. With the advent of smart phones and gazillion apps that go with them, everybody seems to be living an online life. We work, shop, pay bills, and order food online. And now, even dating can be done online! [18]But is it an advantage or disadvantage?

Whether online dating is boon or bane still depends largely on how people react to it. I have female friends who, after confessing to having had enough of real-world dating, have tried online dating to meet their perfect mates.

Five out of my six female friends who tried online dating found their prince charmings and got married. All five of them are now living in their respective spouse’s home countries. Yes, they all married interracially. They all have cute kids and are living in their own houses.

You would think that online dating is, therefore, better than real-world dating. It is not as simple as it sounds, though. All five of them had to go through trial and error. Almost all of them were lied to at first. And whether they are living happily ever after, I wouldn’t really know.

If there is one thing that I see as an advantage of online dating, it is the option of not having to meet jerks in person. If you think someone is lying to you, you can easily drop him from your list and move on. It saves us time and emotions. Unlike when you are dating someone in person, and you discovered he is lying, you cannot simply get rid of him especially if he knows where you live or work.

So would I prefer online dating over meeting someone in person? I guess online dating is not for everyone. Moreover, it is just a prelude to real-world dating. The former could never substitute the latter. We are humans, and humans have physical needs, which can only be satisfied physically. Would I try it? I certainly would.   But I would do so with great caution because it is so easy to deceive and be deceived online. I would probably read blogs like as a precaution haha.

If you ask me, online dating can be beneficial as long as we remain smart and vigilant. Although there are a lot of scammers online, there are also a lot of genuine people. It is just a matter of finding the gems from among the rubble. It is always wise, real-world or online, to use our heads first before using our hearts.

– Jeanette

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FringeFamous Guide: How Yoga Could Get You A Date

I could almost hear you say it. I know right? Yoga AND date? If you’ve read the story why I created this site, you’d know that I did to relieve me of stress. I really wanted to try out meditation for health reasons. When I say health, I mean physical and psychological. If you haven’t read my story, you may read it here.  But hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t talk (or text) about other stuff!

A few months ago, I bumped into a friend of mine in a quaint little café near the subway. We haven’t seen each other in a while, so we doubled the effort of trying to catch up with one another over a cup of tea. I particularly noticed how amazing her body looked (and I’m not talking about courtesy here—she REALLY, REALLY looked amazing), so I asked her what has she been up to these days and whatever she was doing to make her body look like it was Photoshopped to perfection.

So, I got my answer—yoga.

The next thing I knew, she was showing me a photo of this really hot guy. He happens to be her new boyfriend. And they met in yoga class.

I decided to sign up for a yoga class immediately after. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t sign up to get a date. But if my friends are up to it, I am backing them up 100 percent. So anyway, like any normal person would, I depended on Google to show me more information on how to begin, but I was quite held back because the options presented to me were quite overwhelming. There are simply too many types of yoga to begin with! Luckily, my friend made my life easier by inviting me over to her Hatha yoga class. Five months later, I was hooked.

And guess what, I’ve made friends with a lot of gorgeous women in that span of time. The guys, although outnumbered, are equally hot. There is something about those who practice yoga that attracts you to them. I just can’t say what it is exactly. Could be the right amount of confidence or the light aura they exude. I am totally sold that yoga could be the answer to your needs — physical, mental, emotional even.

While many people take up yoga classes mainly for physical fitness, I signed up for its psychological health benefits. But having a GREAT body because of it is, of course, a hefty bonus! But seriously, the relationship between meditation and health is something that should not be ignored.

Yoga soothes the mind and cares for the body, too.

Practicing yoga is definitely an experience by itself. Enrolling yourself in a yoga class is your first step to a healthy mind and body. If you want to practice yoga but do not know where to start exactly, here are some basics that can guide you as you start your journey towards well-being.

There are different types of yoga you can choose from. Different strokes for different folks, so they say. I’m listing down four types and I’ve highlighted what each type is all about to help you decide:

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga’s essential component would be a purification of the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. This element of purification is essential because it is believed to address even the most subtle aspects of the human body. Meditation plays a key role in hatha yoga, because concentration and focus is physically and mentally demanded during poses. Brainwave entrainment explores the benefits of hatha yoga, making it the best choice in helping one find spiritual freedom.

Raja Yoga

Raja yoga, also known as Ashtanga yoga, is a more traditional type of yoga that originated in India between 100 and 300 AD. This type of yoga is mostly correlated with intuition and psychic perception; and it is also one of the most advanced types of yoga to practice. Raja yoga requires its practitioner to have reached a state of “self-realization” in order to take advantage of the poses.

Karma Yoga

Popular in the West, Karma yoga focuses on the practitioner’s thoughts, actions, and feelings. The neverending cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth allows for a more spiritual connection that enables the practitioner to achieve a unique state of calm and stability.

Jnana Yoga

Jnana yoga is becoming more popular over the years, as its approach revolves around rational deduction, wisdom, and intellect. Practitioners of Jnana yoga are taught poses that will aid them to remove self-judgment and self-misconceptions. The process in finding spirituality through Jnana yoga involves Discrimination, Dispassion, Virtue, and Liberation.

On Your Way to Spirituality

Practicing yoga truly has a lot of benefits. I have to admit it is not easy—but no pain, no gain, right? Finding your spiritual path through yoga would allow you to conquer life as it happens, and live a life free from worries and anxieties.

Why Yoga?

If you are a mom like me, try to fit yoga in your tight schedule and you’d be thankful you did. It is indeed a stress-buster, even your kids would be thankful. It takes away your worries and gives you a fresher, brighter outlook. Your partner would be delighted, too, when he sees you in your little black dress on your next date night.

I actually think yoga is perfect for everyone. Whether you’re a single or married woman who lives a fast-paced life or a guy who has tried all the techniques in picking up girls to no avail, this is for you! It makes you exude positive energy so you attract positive energy, too. Don’t just take my word, though. Go out and try it!



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