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Steer Clear Of These Types Of Movies When Going On A Date!

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When I was just starting to date, I was always apprehensive whenever a guy asks me to go on a movie date.  You know why?  There is no telling if we can find something we both will enjoy.  I mean, men usually like action flicks while we generally prefer light drama and love stories.  Besides, being in a dark theater hardly gives me a chance to really get to know someone better, such as before deciding to take a relationship on to the next stage.  But if you still want to go on a movie date, you must remember to avoid certain types of movies.  Here are some tips.

So you’ve decided to do what most dating gurus tell you not to: take her on a movie date. The thing about movie dates is that, you have very little control of what might happen there. You can’t make your moves, you can’t impress her with your personality, and seriously, if you’ve imagined it to be that one perfect moment to make out with her – you’re absolutely wrong. Here’s my favorite dating advice for men website.

There are only two real things that you can control in this situation, and the only two clear ways where you can give her a peek at your personality while you’re at it: how you behave and to which movie you’re taking her to. After all, we all assume, you get to pick the movie.

Types of movies that you should avoid

So while how you act during a movie date is a totally different story reserved for another day, and I can’t really tell you what exactly to watch, let me just share with you the 5 types of movies that you should avoid going to. I’ll also try to tell you why. Here they are:

A Gory horror or thriller (i.e. Saw, Dawn of the Dead, etc) can quickly spoil your mood. Gore films are not your ideal movie date material simply because it is gore. It is disgusting; so whether or not you’re watching it before or after dinner, your innards won’t be happy about it. It’s not the kind of scary that would make her want to cuddle with you or cover her face with your beloved biceps. It will make her want to throw up. Reserve this for when you are more comfortable with each other; you wouldn’t want her to hear you scream like a little girl when the innards pop out right?

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Slapstick comedy movies (i.e. The Three Stooges, Johnny English, Ace Ventura are funny but they are movies you would be better off watching with other guys. Apart from the fact that she may not like it, these movies also do not evoke the right kind of emotions which would make her fall in love with you. Plus, they may actually be too funny for you that you’d lose yourself in utter surrender devoid of any trace of poise – turn off!

Heavy family drama (i.e. Steel Magnolias, Cinderella Man, The Lovely Bones) she may like, but can you really stand it? They are great for Sunday cuddles and late night movie marathons at home with your girlfriend. But if you’re just getting to know each other and just going out, this may not be the best thing to watch. She may enjoy it sure, but you wouldn’t want her to catch you doing either of these: (a) crying like a little boy or (b) falling asleep mid-movie.

Movies that are too sexually-themed (i.e. Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Original Sin, etc) will give the wrong impression; there are tons of movies out there to watch instead.  For the first few dates with a woman, a sex-themed movie especially ones that show boobies or very explicit almost porn-esque scenes can be very disturbing. On top of that, you would not want her to think that you are trying to sublimely lure her into getting into bed with you.

Cartoons (The Smurfs, the Muppets, Tangled) should really be for kids only.  The only reason you should take her to the movies just to watch cartoons is if her little brother, little sister, nephew, niece, or any other kid comes with you on your date. Otherwise, please don’t bore her just yet with your childishness. Wait for a few dates later.

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