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Hello guys!  This is still Jeanette, this time posting a few relationship tips we can learn from watching Hollywood celebrity updates!

Many women, like me, enjoy watching TV programs which focus on the lives and relationships of Hollywood celebrities.  I like watching both the victories as well as the breakups, not because I am nosy; I really think we can learn from both the successes and failures of other people especially with regard to relationships, thus this post.

Watching TMZ and following the interesting and exaggerated and sensationalized world of the world’s elite and most popular people might not be everyone’s cup of tea – especially not amongst most men. But trust me, it has its benefits.

But first, here’s a lesson on how to approach a woman anywhere you meet her.

Relationship Lessons

In this article, let me break down some of the most valuable relationship lessons from some of Hollywood’s men (and maybe women) that you, Mister, can definitely learn from. So brace yourselves, watch your Hollywood counterparts succeed in their own relationships carefully followed around by the careful and scrutinizing lens of the paparazzi cams.  Here are a few tips we can take from the lives of our onscreen idols:

Drugs don’t do you or your relationship any good. So Charlie Sheen may still have kept his superstar status net-worth wise but drugs have certainly dragged him down leading to a nasty divorce and child-custody battle with the Denise Richards. So forget about even trying any type of illegal drugs, or you’ll end up with the nastiest wrinkles and the worst signs of premature ageing you’ll ever see.

Cheating is bad, very bad. I’m not sure who I should start with on cheating, but I guess Jude Law will do the job. Jude Law kind of had a cheating streak that made him quite infamous. His charm moved several notches down when he did it once, and even further when he did it again.  And that’s just Jude Law; let’s not even start discussing Tiger Woods. Darling, cheating is bad. It’s not something you should do with pros or the advice of pros. It’s something you should NEVER do with anyone at all.

Funny guys snag gorgeous girls. Funny guy Jason Sudeikis is hardly Sexiest Man of the Year material, but he is dating the gorgeous, stunning, and very, very beautiful Olivia Wilde. So start improving that humorous side of yours and put it to good use.

There’s more to a relationship than just good looks, because even the most handsome ones can fail in relationships too. Ryan Reynolds, aka the Green Lantern, was the Sexiest Man Alive of a few years ago, but that didn’t stop the failure of his marriage with equally attractive chick Scarlett Johansson.

A proper breakup is always called for. Liam Hemsworth would have done Miley Cyrus and himself a big favor if he just broke up with her properly and maybe even sooner. It just got more complicated when they took it much longer than they should have. You think he could be partially responsible for her rebellious twerking???

Great men keep great friendships for a very, very long time. Okay, so this may not technically count for a romantic relationship but hey, a friendship is a relationship too! Take Rob Scheider and Adam Sandler, or James Franco and Seth Rogen, and tons of other Hollywood man BFF’s. Keeping a great friend for a long, long time will tell girls that you do know a thing or two about commitment and loyalty.

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