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Lots of people asked me what it’s like to be a founding member of, and I have a one-word answer for them: STRESS!

Everyday, people are subjected to different forms of stress. A stress can be work related, school related, health related, problems in marriage or relationship, or problems within the family. Any form of stress can trigger an increase in the stress hormone which can bring about a negative physiologic reaction inside our body. And this is the reason I started Let me explain further.

Battling Stress – The Origins of Fringe Famous

One good example would be those who work on a night shift and are thus deprived of good and restful sleep. Sleep deprivation can induce the release of cortisol which is a stress hormone and increasing levels of such hormone in the body can weaken the immune system. As a consequence, the body becomes an easier prey to other forms of stress such as infection and body weakness. Hence, stress can lead to various physical, emotional, social, and even spiritual problems. It is the very reason why most people opt to undergo the process of meditation.

Meditation is the process of setting ones self into a relaxed and focused state which will enable the body to experience a peaceful feeling. It is an activity wherein a person usually sits on the floor in a usual cross-legged position with their eyes closed for a period of time.  Technically, it is not an activity because you are actually doing nothing. But you are dong nothing to achieve something.

Statistics have shown that people under stress who practice meditating experience less pain and health problems. This is attributed to the finding that people who meditate have calmer mind and thus can easily manage stress than those who don’t meditate. If you have problems “getting into state” when it comes to meditating then it is recommended that you try brainwave entrainment technologies. Here’s an article about this technology.

The importance of meditation can never be overemphasized. Unfortunately, because of tight schedules and heavy workload in a large majority of people worldwide, only a few are able to successfully undergo meditation. We say successfully because others are able to try to initiate meditation but unfortunately quit at some point. It may be either due to lack of time or lack of discipline. By discipline, we mean the ability to effectively manage time and perform the meditation with consistency.

With meditation, one is able to relieve themselves of stress. However, relief from stress does not mean success in meditation. What success in meditation means is having a consistent and continuous habit of meditation. Consistency means meditating at a consistent time, duration, and style. Continuity means being able to meditate even if the person has already gained the ability to manage stress and meditate for the purpose of having a continuous peace of mind. Some people find it useful to have meditation music playing in the background. Try it.

Of course, some may claim that meditation also has its roots in hypnosis (which is legitimate science according to Time magazine) and specific hypnosis technique like fractionation. I guess the jury is still out on that.

Meditation is an art as they say. This is why not all people succeed with this kind of art. It requires patience and perseverance. Without which, the probability of quitting is essentially high. It is interesting to note that the more you succeed in your first attempts, the more you gain patience and perseverance and the more you gain them, the more you attain peace. When an individual lives peacefully, he or she becomes more understanding and open-minded.

Perhaps, if all people learn how to meditate, who knows the world might even become a better place. And that is exactly why I started, and so now you know. 🙂

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