Dealing With Her PMS

Sorry guys, I just feel the need to post this. I’ve done you a favor by just putting the acronym on the title.  Too much info, right? But hey, if you’re going to deal with this EVERY MONTH, might as well be well-equipped than sorry!

So what’s PMS? (It’s not as gross as you think!)

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) – a monthly occurrence in a woman’s life that comes the week of or before her period; largely believed to be caused by fluctuations in her hormones; characterized by any or a combination of weird food cravings, exaggerated fickle mindedness, moodiness, being temperamental, being highly emotional, or all of those symptoms combined; also known as “every-boyfriend’s-worst-monthly-nightmare”.  And no, it’s not just being clingy!

I have read about us girls not using PMS as an excuse to be mean and less than agreeable towards our dear darling boyfriends countless times already. And yes, I couldn’t agree more. It is the most unfair of things.

We experience different kinds of pains during PMS. We just need understanding.
But let me be the voice of all the women out there and allow me to give you fool proof tips for boyfriends on how to handle girlfriends on PMS. (These are inspired by how my own boyfriend handles my seemingly impossible moods in the midst of my PMS).

What to Do

Feed her. What else can be better than food when your hormones are having a party at your expense? Indulge them on foods that release happy hormones like chocolates and other sweets like ice cream. I’ve heard, too, that bananas have that same power so go ahead and get her the most beautiful banana split in the world. Oh, but of course it wouldn’t hurt to bring her whatever her favorite food is.

Get her to be productive. I’ve noticed, amongst me and my friends, that we get extra “clean” with our surroundings on the days leading up to our ‘red days’. We clean out our bags, our rooms, our houses – everything. And so, when she’s on her PMS, offer to help her with cleaning the difficult parts of the house like the ceilings or change her busted lights for her.

Workout with her. Even when it’s supposed to be the crankiest and laziest of days, PMS days are crucial to having a pain-free period. Working out the week before her period will help ease the muscles of the belly and the pelvis, thereby reducing the chances of getting cramps on “the day”. Encourage her to sweat it out with you at the gym and use this bit of ‘science’ to encourage her especially if you know that she is a prone to cramps. I heard yoga is awesome.

Cuddle when she needs it, let go when she say so. Some girls get quick bolts of pain in the belly and pelvis even before the first day of period comes. Oh, and to most of us, our skins become very sensitive and we say ‘ouch’ more often and even for the slightest of touches. In my case too, I always feel like I need to do number 2. Good thing I can now bring with my iPad with me. My toilet read would always be with me.

When she feels the pain, rub her belly gently or cuddle with her. It never fails to make us feel comfortable. But let go when she says doesn’t feel like it or risk unleashing the kraken. We can take all the painkillers in the market and still not get enough relief. So lend us a hand (literally).

Make her laugh. This part is challenging but I’m very proud to say my boyfriend is very good at this. The thing is, we sometimes even feel depressed during this period. My eyebrows could be meeting in an epic frown and I may be the spawn of the devil for all he cares – he will try his best to make me laugh. And somehow he makes it work!

These things sound like a lot of work but then again, it will always depend on two things: how much you care for your girl and/or how much you want to avoid her awful PMS moods. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS SO PLEASE BEAR WITH US! We get headaches and pains all over our body. And this is every month. We just need you to understand.

How about you guys, what do you usually do to help your girl feel better on PMS days?

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