Fringe Property – For Sale Or Rent

A quick announcement – the Fringe theater group is looking for property for sale or rent. We are going on a tour from February till May next year in Southeast Asia, and will be grateful if any of our readers could lend a helping hand as far as getting us a place to stay for the short term.

We can’t wait to visit Malaysia again, but getting a property to rent is a problem when you’re not local to the area

We have started to look for some prime real estate in the region for both investment and also a pad for our team during our frequent tours to Southeast Asia. For this purpose we have engaged a number of real estate brokers to help us in our decision. We thought of sharing our experience here for the benefit of our readers.

Property For Sale – Help Needed

First of all, we had to choose a piece of property which is suitable for our team of twelve fringe artists. For this reason, we have set up a couple of criteria to help us decide better when it comes to choosing for a piece of real estate in Malaysia to rent or to buy –

Once we have nailed down these criteria then house hunting becomes really easy… we only had to go online in order to look for properties for sale or rent in Malaysia. Our favorite websites for real estate listings in Malaysia are the homes for sale site (note: the site url has been updated recently to, iProperties and also Home Guru. Luckily for us these sites are in English and not in native Malay.

Sorting through the property listings is a breeze – and there are lots of choices to choose from. The best of these sites is the iProperties site which has got lots of listings, and lots of ad banners for me to click to. I really like to look at advertisements. They are awesome – especially the animated ones. Other sites that I like include and PropTrack,

Without local knowledge it is really tough to decide on which property to buy or rent. In this respect it is important to get a local agent who knows about the country. We have only been to Malaysia about six times in the last three months. A local real estate broker would be super helpful in helping us get the best property deals in town.

What’s Happening Next

So what happens next is that I will be shopping around for real estate in Singapore. Properties in Singapore are a lot more expensive than Malaysia properties – and for a reason. The Singapore dollar is also much stronger. With limited budget, it can be hard to get a decent place in Singapore for our Fringe artists. Again, a local Singaporean real estate broker would be invaluable in our quest for the best deals in town.

As far as this blog is concerned, I will be posting a follow-up post to my previous article here on brainwave entrainment. So far the response from our readers have been encouraging, so thank you!