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Hello friends!

Do you know that I am part of a large group of women friends?  My friends and I have been on many adventures together, and I’ve known most of them since high school; that is much longer than I have known any of my past boyfriends and even the current one.  To say that I am very tight with my group is a gross understatement.  As such, their opinions affect me in the same manner as my opinions also sway them.  Good thing my current boyfriend gets along with them very well!

Everyone knows that girls never operate alone. If you think men work better in groups, you’ve really got to see women in action. We are always in groups! Maybe we are just as good professionally solo, but our extra time is always spent with a girlfriend or two. Girls hardly shop alone, or go to the salon alone; women in far flung farms in the developing countries of this world tend to their plants together and enjoy their hearty leaf-wrapped lunch together; heck, a good dating story is never fun and enjoyed alone! We love group calls, group chats, and group everything – yes, today’s woman has made a social group out of her every activity.

And therefore, if you – the enamored gentleman – cannot win the hearts of her friends, your ladylove will never be fully happy with you. And your would-be relationship would never be as awesome and as fun for her – the “you-and-me-against-the-world” kind of romance kind of takes a bigger toll when her friends make up most the “the world” for her.

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Win Her Girlfriends

So it is important to win her girlfriends. It doesn’t matter whether these girlfriends have outwardly expressed their hate towards you; it is important that her friends like you in the same way that it would make a huge difference if your friends like your ladylove:

Arrange special dates between you and her girlfriends. So what if you have to spend time at the karaoke, belting out to Spice Girls and Adele all night? Or get your manly toenails nailfiled to your manliness death if it means exchanging high-five’s with the very girls who will tell her to give you one more chance when your girlfriend wants to break up with you? Yes, it will be worth it to swap beer nights with a few apple martini nights every once in a while.

Don’t give her a hard time when she wants a girls’ night out. Apart from spending time with them, it would also be great if she never has to whine to her friends about you not letting her go out with them. Don’t be an anarchist! Let her go out when she wants to as long as it does not get in the way of your own quality time!

Get them to connive with you on your surprises for your ladylove. This is a double winner: you make your lovey happy, and you also make her friends happy for her. Real girlfriends are those who feel happy when something enviably wonderful happens to their friend, and if she has these exact same friends, they’ll love you for the way you love their friend.

Praise your girlfriend in front of them. Nothing beats the oooh-ing and aaah-ing of inspired girls when one of their own finds the best man for her. And you’ve got to be that best man who makes them gush and sigh when you talk to them about your girlfriend. That’s a sure winner!

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So, are you ready to win them girlfriends? *Wink* and *Z-snap*

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