Making A Clean Break With A Difficult Ex

Hi people.  I’m back!  This post is about dealing with a dreadful ex, so you guys better read on!

For me, the hardest part of a relationship is the breakup.

All breakups, even the ones which are mutually decided, hurt.  What makes it hurt more is if one party just cannot move on and keeps pestering the other.  But there are ways to limit the damage you can suffer from a difficult ex.  I’ve listed a few tips in this post.  I hope you all find it helpful.

Everyone has had a difficult ex, only some more difficult, more annoying, and sometimes more hateful than others. But then again, the true measure of a man is not always on how he does things but how he reacts to things and situations life throws at him.

This remains true of dealing with a difficult ex. [Your not-so-wonderful former lover can do everything she feels like doing, but what you do with whatever she’s doing is what truly matters and what defines what happens between you two.

Before I give you the rundown on how to deal with a difficult ex, check out this article on It’s going to give you a good primer on how to keep your emotions intact when your ex becomes unbearable. Ready? Here are some helpful tips that you can try in dealing with a difficult ex:


Talk like mature adults. Talk in a public place where she cannot do her drama – restaurant, park, diner, mall, or other similar places. See, one of the most common traits of difficult ex-girlfriends is their ability to start a drama and blow everything out of proportion. No man wants that. On the other hand, no woman wants to risk humiliating herself, so taking her to talk in a public place is your safest choice. Just make sure you choose a spot where you guys can actually talk and hear each other out without risking having other people hear your conversation. And remember: be honest, direct, and respectful. Avoid making her feel too comfortable because it might send the wrong message. Do not beat around the bush and don’t linger and JUST TELL HER OFF. Oh, and do it ONCE-AND-FOR-ALL.

Ignore her.

Ignore her drunk texts, drunk calls, and the give-me-attention antics. Difficult exes are so good at that. No, don’t even to tell her to shut up or to stop it. See, that’s why ‘the talk’ was a once-and-for-all thing because you won’t do it again. You’ve broken up so there won’t be anything that remains between you two. So even if she bangs on your door every night, or calls you every minute, or even stalks you. Just ignore her. Ignoring her will send her the message to lay off and to leave you alone. If it doesn’t, go to the police and get a restraining order.

Don’t let her manipulate you.

It’s always more difficult for you guys if your exes are a little too emotional and border on the self-injuring and suicidal types. They’d eat out on your guilt and manipulate you by threatening to hurt themselves.  If she does this, she’s clearly in need of psychological help. Reach out to her and convince her to see a professional; at the same time, reach out to her family and friends because they are the people who can take care of her the most.

Be civil when you see each other in public.

So your relationship’s ending was the absolute worst— but remember, you still have to carry on and act in a civil manner. When you accidentally meet her in public, expect her to do something dramatic or attention-grabbing. She could do something as annoying as tailing behind you or talking with your lady companion, or something as crazy as grabbing your behind or creating a scene – who knows, really. Whatever she does, be civil and give her nothing more than smile and a nod and then walk away. It’s simple, respectful but tells her that you don’t have any business with each other.

The best and perhaps only thing to remember when it comes to how you treat your difficult ex is this: treat her the way you want to be treated – with respect for whatever you’ve had and whatever you have separately at present. You may never be lovers again, and you may never even be friends but you can still be civil and treat each other in a mature manner.

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