“Marketing” Yourself – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Hello beautiful people!

You know the guys I get attracted to always have something unique about them.  It may be a soulful pair of eyes, bedroom voice, a heart-melting smile or loads of confidence; it does not really matter as long as I see something unique to admire in them. So you guys better take notice because most women think and react like I do!

Dating and impressing women is both an art and a business proposition.  When you’re single and looking for someone to commit to, you will meet tons of women who, like you, are meeting tons of other men. And you want to stand out to the right woman. In this process, it is all about creating your own mark, your own “Brand” and advertising it the right way of course. It is what women will talk about when your name is brought up; it is how you will be remembered by the women you’ve met.

How to do it?

How do you create your own brand? How do you want women to remember you after they’ve met you? And how do you make sure that a woman’s impression of you is good? Here are some tips on how to create your own “brand” and how to use it to successfully meet the right woman:

Define who you are. What do you like and dislike? What are you like as a boyfriend and as a friend? What are your interests and your pet peeves? What do you love talking about? What are you most passionate about? Who are you? The answers to these questions will help you define who you are and who you will be to the women that you meet.

Find out what the best thing is about you. Is it your good looks? Or your business smarts? Is it your musical talent? Or is it your being close to your family? Maybe it’s your athletic skills. Whatever it is, enhance it, hone it, and make sure the girl you’re on a date with is aware of it. The secret to making this stick in her mind is how you present it. Pique her interest about your best asset, make her want to know more about it, and divulge things little by charming little. This will make you seem humble about it (as you should ideally be).

Impress her with the packaging. She won’t see your brain or your heart when you enter the room. She won’t know that you’ve had the highest GPA before you sit down and talk about both your achievements. What she will first see is how you look like, and you have to impress her by it right from the very first minute. When dressing up according to your ‘brand’, here’s a tip: have a signature look and a signature item. It could be a man-brooch, a quirky watch, or your signature scent (remember: women’s noses are very sensitive and can invoke memories). And make sure your outfit always compliments you and highlights your best physical asset.

And be comfortable in the skin you’re in. No brand is ever too effective if you yourself are not convinced about it. Be comfortable about who you are and how you represent yourself; if you can convince yourself you are who you’re presenting yourself to be, you can likely convince a woman about your “brand”. After all, based on the steps above, you are not presenting yourself to be someone else – just a more presentable, attractive version of the person that you are.

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