Ways To Impress In A Group Date

Hey there fellows!  Are you a fan of group dates?  Girls maybe a fan, but guys usually avoid them.  But sometimes there’s just no way around them.

I remember that the only group dates I hated were the ones where my boyfriend failed to be as impressive as I wanted him to be.  This usually led to misunderstandings.  But it should be easy for guys to ace a group date.  Believe it or not failures to impress usually stem from only two things:  lack of confidence/nerves and not trying hard enough.

We girls love group dates. We use it mainly for two things, among others of course:

(1) to kill two birds with one stone – go out with our boyfriends and our best friends at the same time, and

(2) to show off and play the classic game of ‘my boyfriend is better than yours’.

Now, now, since these group dates are mostly girl things, it is pretty easy for us girls to act comfortably in them. If this is your first date, better check these mistakes and avoid them like the plague. And besides, we initiate most of these group dates with people that we are comfortable with. So the discomfort, the awkwardness, and practically most everything that’s not exactly nice about a group date lands in the hands of the guys.

And because it is impossible to say ‘No’ to every group date your girlfriend wants to take you to, here are some helpful tips which could help you move around in the group dating scenario more easily and more comfortably:

Information is king; know the people you’re going out with. It’s probably your girlfriend’s cousins or college friends, or maybe even office friends. Ask about them and ask your girlfriend to give you a good background of these people. It will help make the conversations flow more easily, plus the thought of knowing they’re all just as human as you are will make it less horrifying for you. As an added bonus, your girlfriend will be extra happier with you (and in return will be much nicer to you) because she will appreciate the interest you’re giving her and her friends.

Put your best foot forward. It’s practically the same as going out to meet her parents: you need to be at your most impressive self. The thing is, as I’ve said earlier, it’s a thing of ‘my boyfriend is better than yours’ and your girlfriend brought you there for a reason: she wants to show you off. So oblige her. The last thing you want is embarrass her in front of her friends by acting like a total douche bag! She’s so proud of you that she actually wants to show you off, so give her reason to.

Don’t even think of looking flirtatiously at any of her friends. Girls are a jealous bunch. We are jealous even with our bestest of friends – trust me, it’s normal and it’s a girl thing. The worst thing you could do is look a little too long at her hottest friend, flirt with her in front of your girlfriend or maybe even give one of her friends too much of a compliment. This is definitely not one of the ways on how to meet women you like. You’ll regret it as soon as you get back home.

Socialize, mingle and do whatever it takes to be part of the group. Staying in one corner, looking sullen all day (or night) and barely making a conversation with anyone are rude. And it will make your girlfriend hate you. Socialize a little bit. Engage them in conversation, laugh at their jokes, ask questions, and be a part of the group. No matter how awkward or weird it is for you (if you are THAT much of an introvert), your girlfriend will love the effort and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. *Wink*

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