Making Text Work For You

I’ve always believed that too much text is bad for you.  Alright there may be some word play involved in that statement but you cannot deny that text is just too impersonal; I am definitely not a fan of SMS.  But if you must use text to communicate with us women, there are certain unwritten rules you need to follow.

Do you know how to properly text a lady?

See, technology has made communicating with the opposite so easy and so fast that a lot of men think getting girls to like them through text is just as easy. Of course that’s a big misconception. Before you jump into a texting spree with her, read this to learn why some men are unsuccessful in using text messages to attract women.

Texting requires certain etiquette. You can’t just text her anything you like.  Unless you know proper SMS etiquette I would advise against spending all night texting a lady.  Gentlemen, I present to you the do’s and don’ts of texting women:


Use correct spelling and proper grammar. Okay, so replacing ‘you’ with ‘u’ and ‘okay’ with ‘ok’ are perfectly acceptable. BuT iF yA texXxt lyK dizZz, please by all means go back to first grade. That way of texting is NOT COOL and it’s hard to understand. It does not make your message any sweeter or you any more attractive. Au contraire, monsieur.  Show the lady some respect by speaking with her nicely, politely, and correctly.

Text at a decent hour. So there’s this girl that you really, really, really, really like and you just cannot wait for the next sunrise to text her. What do you do? Text her? WRONG! A decent hour to text is within the usual office hours and dinner and maybe a little after dinner. Even in this day and age, initiating a conversation at 10 in the evening is a little rude. And when she says goodnight, it means ‘I’m done texting with you for the day’. It’s totally none of your business if she texts someone else or stays up all night watching her favorite TV series. Goodnight means she’s done for the day.

Keep your conversations fun, light, and wholesome. Avoid topics that are provocative or gearing towards offensive, especially those with sexual connotations. Unless you really know each other so well and you have reached that level of comfort, some topics are just off limits. The problem with most people is that they take the mask of texting too far; just because she does not see you at the moment does not mean you can be careless with your remarks.


Don’t flood her with texts. When you’re in the getting-to-know-each-other stage, the ideal ratio of text is 1:1. That means text from you and 1 reply from girl. If she does not reply, you are not to text her again. Stop making excuses like ‘maybe the network messed up and the message did not get through. Here, let me resend it. See here how to ask a girl out – the definitive guide.

Don’t freak her out by sending anonymous texts. Really? You cannot think of a good enough excuse or pickup line? Laaaame! Sending her creepy texts like ‘I can see you from here’ and ‘you looked cute in that orange dress today’ will not make her blush from bashfulness; it will make her red in a mixture of fury and fear; she might just have you tracked and arrested for stalking.

Don’t get mad at her for not responding. Ok, so women fall for jerks. But don’t become one just because you think she’ll like it. Some people actually do have a life, mister. If you spend the  whole day texting her and expecting her to answer each one – promptly – then be prepared to see her off. Give her some mystery, something to think about. Don’t bore her too soon.

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