Caveats On Dating A Law Student

Hello friends, Jeanette here with some (hopefully) useful advice on dating.

I have always longed for lots of attention from the person I am in a relationship with; but then again, I guess you can say that of almost every woman.  I need for my boyfriend to have enough time to spend with me, sometimes even when we are not doing anything particular – just some alone time together.  Maybe that is why a relationship I had with a law student a couple of years ago did not last very long.  I just did not feel as important as that law, statute, or court ruling he just had to master.

So the girl you want to date is enrolled in law school? That may not be as simple as you think. She may be great, she may be the prettiest, she may be the most awesome woman you’ve met as yet, and you may believe that she is perfect for you BUT dating her might not be easy.

The thing that makes law students challenging to date is not the person, it’s what law school practically force them to become. The law student-part of them takes over everything else in their lives; it’s so overwhelming to some that normally, statistics say, law school population drops by more than half from first year to their senior year. And the further in law school your friend is, the more difficult it may be to get into a relationship with them (unless you yourself are a law student).

Dating a Law Student

Here are some things you should know before you actually take a law student on a date:

They are always busy. She’ll most likely be so immersed in books that you’d be lucky to ‘book’ a date with her. And more likely than not, those ‘casual dates’ that she speaks of is another (better) way of saying you can come over to her favorite coffee shop with her while she buries herself in her law books, case studies, laptop, and frustration over cups of coffee. And sex life isn’t any better until they graduate from law school; they’d rather sleep than get busy with you, ya’know. So, yeah, law students are either busy or tired (or both).

They’re freaking good at arguing. Well, they’re practically trained to argue, make a point and win it! So if you’re not sharp or eloquent enough, I wish you the best of luck comrade because it may take a minor miracle for you to win an argument with her. *Hashtag True Story*

They are always distracted by everything law school. Law school, according to my dearest law student buddies, offers a myriad of emotions with very short spans of time in between. They are happy one day and frustrated and suicidal the next and you can all blame that on whichever professor pulverized them that day. And so whatever happened at school or during study time or the last they’ve read that’s law school-related can stick to their minds and can interfere with your conversations. Read this blog post (on how to start a conversation).

Group dates with her law school friends? Forget it! Unless you speak law school, hanging out with her and her friends would feel like being a tourist in a totally foreign country. Do you enjoy speaking in Latin? I didn’t think so! You’d be lost in the legalese, and you probably won’t know which attorney in the city they were talking about as the worst to intern for.

So unless you’re willing to put up with these things, not to mention the pressure of passing every single exam that seems to appear every other day, dating a future lawyer may not be for you. (That or maybe you’re better off waiting until they’re done with law school. I heard that things get a little better after school).

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