Online Dating: Boon Or Bane?

Hello Fringers! I was on Facebook earlier and saw an old friend post her pics with her family in Melbourne. She’s married to an Australian chef and they have settled down in Australia. I can’t help but be amazed at how they met – online!

It is amazing how technology has taken a big leap since the invention of the computer. I grew up in the 1990s when technology was just picking up its pace. Back then, dating meant meeting someone in person, spending time with that someone while trying to get to know the person better before deciding whether he or she was a perfect match.

In this digital age, however, everything seems to be possible with just a few clicks on our computers. The internet has really gone a long way from the wonky dial-up to the lightning speed of LTE. With the advent of smart phones and gazillion apps that go with them, everybody seems to be living an online life. We work, shop, pay bills, and order food online. And now, even dating can be done online! [18]But is it an advantage or disadvantage?

Whether online dating is boon or bane still depends largely on how people react to it. I have female friends who, after confessing to having had enough of real-world dating, have tried online dating to meet their perfect mates.

Five out of my six female friends who tried online dating found their prince charmings and got married. All five of them are now living in their respective spouse’s home countries. Yes, they all married interracially. They all have cute kids and are living in their own houses.

You would think that online dating is, therefore, better than real-world dating. It is not as simple as it sounds, though. All five of them had to go through trial and error. Almost all of them were lied to at first. And whether they are living happily ever after, I wouldn’t really know.

If there is one thing that I see as an advantage of online dating, it is the option of not having to meet jerks in person. If you think someone is lying to you, you can easily drop him from your list and move on. It saves us time and emotions. Unlike when you are dating someone in person, and you discovered he is lying, you cannot simply get rid of him especially if he knows where you live or work.

So would I prefer online dating over meeting someone in person? I guess online dating is not for everyone. Moreover, it is just a prelude to real-world dating. The former could never substitute the latter. We are humans, and humans have physical needs, which can only be satisfied physically. Would I try it? I certainly would.   But I would do so with great caution because it is so easy to deceive and be deceived online. I would probably read blogs like SIBG.com as a precaution haha.

If you ask me, online dating can be beneficial as long as we remain smart and vigilant. Although there are a lot of scammers online, there are also a lot of genuine people. It is just a matter of finding the gems from among the rubble. It is always wise, real-world or online, to use our heads first before using our hearts.

– Jeanette

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Another Long Hiatus…

Whew, it’s been months since I’ve last written in here! Life with Sharon definitely has brought a lot of changes in my life, and now that I’m enjoying motherhood, life has never been this perfect.


I’ve been juggling a thousand jobs ever since I became a mom, but one thing that’s been occupying my schedule lately(besides the occasional diaper-changing and cradle-rocking) is reuniting with one of my first loves– theatre. Being abroad makes me miss a sense of home, so all I can do right now is to read about the ever-vibrant scene of New York theatre and the glam of Broadway. Nothing makes me more excited than performing onstage, but for now, all I can do is get updated with the latest in theatre coming from the other side of the planet. Somehow–it lessens my stress.

Still in the process of gathering all the fun and delightful experiences, and I am really excited to share all of them with you soon. Til then, stay safe!

J x

Some Updates… And An Interesting Article :)

OK, I am now back at blogging after a short break. Welcome me back, people. 🙂

So recently I have been catching up on my reading, and I came across this really good book on Amazon about property flipping:-


It’s called Flip, and it’s about acquiring a property and flipping it for maximum profit. As you know, I am also an investor in real estate (particularly in Malaysia) – see my previous blog posts here and here. Admittedly I am a beginner at this, and I have yet to make any real money in property investment. However, I am confident that I will be able to make it this year – to turn a nice profit from my portfolio of real estate investments.

Now some updates at home… we recently welcomed our baby Sharon who was born in December to come back home. I am busy adjusting to the fact that I am now a mother, and so I will have much less time doing the things that I like to do – including blogging.

So if you don’t see any updates from me, just email me at jeanette@fringefamous.com and I will perhaps write an update or two. Thank you for understanding. 🙂