Good News: There’s (Dating) Life Beyond Gaming!

Hello dear readers!

You know, I have always found it hard to relate to guys with some kind of addiction. – I’ve dated guys with a variety of them so I should know.  Guys who just can’t keep their noses off their beloved books, guys who so love RPG they almost forget everything else, guys whose passion for music excludes most everyone else, etc.  But I draw the line on guys addicted to drugs – that is just a dead end.  My latest brush with an addicted person is with a fanatic gamer – RPG and the lot!  While we managed to stay together for a while, gaming got in the way eventually.  I still think we could have made it if he had just made small adjustments.  I hope the tips in this post help gamers have a full dating life outside of their computer screens.

Non-gamers won’t understand the passion, excitement and adrenaline that goes through a gamer’s body. They all accuse gamers of having ‘no life’ that’s why they do nothing but just sit around all day and spend all of their free time pretending to be high profile car thieves or some knight in a make-believe world between earth and hell (or something like that).

And because of all the time and energy that gamers spend on their in front of computer screens, they don’t only miss out on their social lives but their presence is also sorely missed – on the dating scene.

But that’s not how it should be! Gamers should not have to choose between his game and his girl. He should balance both his real and his virtual life so he can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Dating Tips For A Gamer

Forget about being the gaming geek who can’t snag girls. Be the gaming geek who can win girls as good as he can win extra lives and powerups. Here are some essential and very helpful dating tips for gamer guys:

Meet someone online. No time to go out and meet girls? Meet girls while gaming! I am not a gamer myself but I know from my uber-gamer of a boyfriend that the most popular games these days allow you to meet and play with real people including women. So why not make the most of this opportunity? There’s always Facebook for some quality online RnR should you wish to talk and get to know each other better.

Create an awesome online profile. And since you’re trying to get to know women from the online gaming community, the best way for her to know you is through a real-person online profile. And, well, what better site to do that on than Facebook? Make sure you have a Facebook profile that lets women know the other things about you apart from your utmost dedication to your gaming life. And yes, that includes having a real photo of your face and significant posts and not just stuff about gaming.

See my previous post here.

Talk about other things too. Just because she appreciates your gaming prowess, or just because she games as much as you does not mean she’d like to talk about it 24/7 – especially if you’re on a date! So be well-rounded. Share the passion but be a holistically interesting person. Your love story should not end every time you beat her at the game.

Explore tons of stuff together. Comic con, gaming competition, gamers meet – go ahead and be each other’s date on these non-date requiring events. Who cares? This is what you both like so why not make the most out of it? But that should not end there. Apart from sharing your passion, you can always (and should) take her to some other things that interest you (and her) as well.

Look good and clean. I’ve heard from a little birdie that, erm, gamers kinda’ get a little too carried away with their games that they forget to shower and brush. No judgments and no generalizing, really, but if you’re that kind, I suggest you change – literally. And maybe it’s time to invest in a date wardrobe. *Wink*

How about Online dating? Click here for a good guide from PUA Database.

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“Marketing” Yourself – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Hello beautiful people!

You know the guys I get attracted to always have something unique about them.  It may be a soulful pair of eyes, bedroom voice, a heart-melting smile or loads of confidence; it does not really matter as long as I see something unique to admire in them. So you guys better take notice because most women think and react like I do!

Dating and impressing women is both an art and a business proposition.  When you’re single and looking for someone to commit to, you will meet tons of women who, like you, are meeting tons of other men. And you want to stand out to the right woman. In this process, it is all about creating your own mark, your own “Brand” and advertising it the right way of course. It is what women will talk about when your name is brought up; it is how you will be remembered by the women you’ve met.

How to do it?

How do you create your own brand? How do you want women to remember you after they’ve met you? And how do you make sure that a woman’s impression of you is good? Here are some tips on how to create your own “brand” and how to use it to successfully meet the right woman:

Define who you are. What do you like and dislike? What are you like as a boyfriend and as a friend? What are your interests and your pet peeves? What do you love talking about? What are you most passionate about? Who are you? The answers to these questions will help you define who you are and who you will be to the women that you meet.

Find out what the best thing is about you. Is it your good looks? Or your business smarts? Is it your musical talent? Or is it your being close to your family? Maybe it’s your athletic skills. Whatever it is, enhance it, hone it, and make sure the girl you’re on a date with is aware of it. The secret to making this stick in her mind is how you present it. Pique her interest about your best asset, make her want to know more about it, and divulge things little by charming little. This will make you seem humble about it (as you should ideally be).

Impress her with the packaging. She won’t see your brain or your heart when you enter the room. She won’t know that you’ve had the highest GPA before you sit down and talk about both your achievements. What she will first see is how you look like, and you have to impress her by it right from the very first minute. When dressing up according to your ‘brand’, here’s a tip: have a signature look and a signature item. It could be a man-brooch, a quirky watch, or your signature scent (remember: women’s noses are very sensitive and can invoke memories). And make sure your outfit always compliments you and highlights your best physical asset.

And be comfortable in the skin you’re in. No brand is ever too effective if you yourself are not convinced about it. Be comfortable about who you are and how you represent yourself; if you can convince yourself you are who you’re presenting yourself to be, you can likely convince a woman about your “brand”. After all, based on the steps above, you are not presenting yourself to be someone else – just a more presentable, attractive version of the person that you are.

Does she like you? Use this checklist! This is a sure thing now!

Questions? Concerns? Need advice? Need tips? Email me now at! I’ll promise to get back to all of you as fast as I can!

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Habits That Make You More Attractive To Women

Hello dear readers!

I have always been attracted to cheerful, confident, well-groomed and well-bahaved men.  It also helps if the guy can make me laugh at the drop of a hat.  But then perhaps the attraction to the foregoing traits is not unique to me – perhaps it is a general description of a man who is attractive in women’s eyes.  You guys better pay attention!

Throughout history, the world has seen how men have walked lengths to become more attractive to women – to get their attention, to keep them hooked, to make them the alpha males to their dominant women. We’ve seen everything from elixirs of handsomeness to tests of wits and brawn just to catch the eye of the ladies. Some have worked, some have not, and to this very advanced day and age of high technology – many men are still clueless about how to become attractive to women.

The problem with men and their quest for ultimate attractiveness is that they make it too difficult and too complicated. And worse, they ask each other. How can another man talk authoritatively about what is attractive to women? Of course that’s something that can best be answered by no less than yes – women.

Boost Your Attractiveness!

And here’s one tip from a woman to a man – the secret to being attractive, to boost your attractiveness, on how to seduce her from her boyfriend, is simple. It is so simple that you can easily make a habit out of it.  Here are 5 habits that can boost your attractiveness:

Smile more often. A smile is a woman’s perfect accessory. And it can be that of men too! Strive towards achieving the kind of smile that goes from the lips to the eyes. Smile an electric smile – one that makes the other person smile back at you by instinct not by will. This very simple, very basic gesture is so powerful that it can help condition an otherwise sad mind into thinking more positively without so much effort. And a smile can be so gentle and so subtle yet powerful enough to make any person cozy up to a total stranger. Smiling makes you look friendly, comfortable and nice – and this is very easy for any woman to ease up to. Smile and the world – including the women – will smile back at you.

See this to see an article that will help you more to improve your appearance.

Practice good hygiene. He who smells good is more attractive than he who looks good. And so make sure you smell as clean as you look. Practice good hygiene – this gives women the impression that you are very composed, responsible, and that you are in total control of yourself. If you take care of yourself well, it sends the message that you will take great care of your woman too. So don’t be afraid to take a shower, wear clean clothes, and brush your teeth regularly.

Exude confidence – fake it if you have to. If you can walk with your back a little more straight, and your head held much higher, and you can look people in the eye even when your heart is about to jump off of your chest, you have successfully radiated confidence. And if you do it a bit more regularly, you can make people believe – women, especially – that you are indeed a confident man. With a bit of practice you can learn to be really more confident.  And confidence, my friends, is always attractive.

Develop humor. If you can squeeze in a bit of fake confidence into an intelligent humorous remark, you can get a woman hooked in any conversation. And any guy who can keep a woman’s attention in a conversation will seem more attractive than a man who could not mutter a word. This has been proven time and again, and it will continuously prove true at any date and any era.

Be a gentleman. Even when the rest of the world says that chivalry is dead, you can always bring it back to life. Not only will your lady of interest appreciate it, more importantly, her mother will love you for it. So if you want to win points for being an ideal boyfriend, be the consummate gentleman.

Remember, it only takes 21 days to make something a habit so try these things out with a lot of patience and practice – plus consistency – to reach your ideal level of attractiveness.

Good luck!

Also don’t forget to follow these Do’s and Don’ts in Texting Women!

I know this will work for everyone but please do let me know what you think. Email anytime of day and I will definitely answer you as fast as I can, message me at!

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