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As my maiden post, I will answer a frequently asked question about meditation in general. Novices usually ask this question, and it is a sticking point amongst those who are already intermediate level when it comes to meditating as well.

If you have noticed that your meditation sessions aren’t as effective as they used to be, you’re probably wondering what you’re doing wrong. Chances are, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Sometimes, you just need to stimulate your senses. One way to stimulate your mind is with brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment can help you meditate by synchronizing your brainwaves. The following paragraphs will discuss in detail how to meditate with brainwave entrainment.

Remember to use a good pair of headphones!

The first step to meditating with brainwave entrainment is finding a good CD. There are many music stores that specialize in producing brainwave entrainment CD. Many brainwave entrainment CDs can’t be found on the internet, so it is best to see which music stores are in your area. Most likely, one of the workers at the music stores will be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to which CDs are good and which ones aren’t. If you can’t find any music stores that have brainwave entrainment CDs, then you can search for tracks online. The great thing about shopping online for brainwave entrainment tracks is that you can demo many different tracks in a matter of minutes. You can also view track ratings, which can help you decide which ones to purchase. :)

Headphones – The Essential Component

After you have gotten some good brainwave entrainment tracks, you need to get a pair of high quality headphones. (I personally like Beats by Dr Dre). The reason that you need to get a pair of high quality headphones is so that the brainwave entrainment tracks work as intended. If your ears aren’t comfortable or the tracks sound fuzzy, you won’t be able to get the full effect of the tracks. Even though high quality headphones can be expensive, they are worth the investment.

After you have purchased both the tracks and the headphones, you are ready to start meditating. It is important not to significantly alter your meditation pattern after you have purchased your brainwave entrainment tracks. The only change to your meditation pattern should be that tracks are playing in the background. As for the volume of the tracks, you want to make sure that the volume is high enough for you to hear all of the beats. But at the same time, you don’t want the volume to be so loud that you can’t concentrate on meditating.

What Next?

Now that you know how to meditate with brainwave entrainment, you should start to have much better meditation sessions. It is always disappointing when your meditation sessions start to flat line, but there is always a way to get them to be more productive. As long as you get good tracks and high quality headphones, you should see a significant improvement in your focus while meditating. Also, you should feel more relaxed by the end of the session. As with any mediation technique, you need to make sure that you give brainwave entrainment enough time to work before you discount it as an effective method. Once you have experienced the benefits of brainwave entrainment first hand, you’ll wonder how you ever meditated without it. :) It’s also scientifically proven – here’s a comprehensive review of the psychological effects of brainwave entrainment.

Hope you found that useful!



PS: Latest updates (Jan 11th):- I have been getting emails about some specifics on using brainwave entrainment tracks in order to “fall into alpha state” when meditating. It’s really tricky, I know, but the best advice I can give you is practice, practice and practice. I frequently put on some music on meditation (like the ones you find on, and it somewhat helps. I am not an expert on the subject matter, but listening to background music (such as omharmonics) will induce alpha and beta waves in your brain. This works for many people, and if you are just starting out you will definitely help you to calm your senses and rid your mind from distraction. I have suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) for about ten years now, and the stuff I found online (meditation music on YouTube, or even the programs) really helped.

Don’t Date Someone in Law School Until You Read This

20130620_8755Are you looking to date someone in law school? It may not be as easy as you think. She may be great, she may be the prettiest, she may be the most awesome woman you’ve met as of yet, and you may believe that she is perfect for you BUT dating her might not be the easiest feat you will undertake as far as your dating life is concerned.

The thing that makes law students challenging to date is not the person itself; it’s the law school that’s practically forcing them to become different people. The law student-part of them takes over everything else in their lives; it’s so overwhelming to some that normally, statistics say law school population drops by more than half from first year to their senior year. And the further in law school your friend is, the more difficult it might be to get into a relationship with them (unless you yourself are in law school).

Dating a Law Student

Here are some things you should know before you actually take a law student on a date:

And unless you’re willing to put up with these things, not to mention the pressure of passing every single exam that seems to appear every other day, dating a future lawyer may not be for you. (That, or you’re better off waiting until they’re done with law school. I heard things get a little better after school).

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Dating Tips for Gamer Guys

1116902_57541511Non-gamers won’t understand the passion, excitement and adrenaline that goes through a gamer’s body. They all accuse gamers of having ‘no life’ that’s why they do nothing but just sit around all day and spend all of their free time pretending to be high profile car thieves or some knight in a make-believe world between earth and hell (or something like that).

And because of all the time and energy that gamer guys spend on their gaming life, they don’t only miss out on their social lives but they also actually miss you – greatly – on the dating aspect as well.

But that’s not how it should be! Gamers, like yourself, should not at all have to live trying to choose between his game and his girl. He should have enough time to balance his real life and his virtual life and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Tips on dating a gamer

So start forgetting about being the gaming geek who can’t snag girls. Be the gaming geek that can win girls as good as he can win lives and powerups. Here are some essential and very helpful dating tips for gamer guys:

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How about Online dating? Click here for a good guide from PUA Database.

Get your game on, gentlemen! Good luck.

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5 Types of Movies You Should Avoid on a Movie Date


Movie date?

So you’ve decided to do what most dating gurus tell you not to: take her on a movie date. The thing about movie dates is that, you have very little control of what might happen in it. You can’t make your moves, you can’t impress her with your personality, and seriously, if you’ve imagined it to be that one perfect moment to make out with her – you’re absolutely wrong. Here’s my favorite dating advice for men website.

There are only two real things that you can control in this situation, and the only two clear ways where you can give her a peek of your personality while you’re at it: how you behave and to which movie you’re taking her to. After all, we all assume, you get to pick the movie.

Types of movies that you should avoid

So while how you act during a movie date is a totally different story reserved for another day, and I can’t really tell you what exactly to watch, let me just share with you the 5 types of movies that you should avoid going to. And you’ll know why. Here they are:


One Two Three.. Click or Flick?

  1. Gory horror or thriller (i.e. Saw, Dawn of the Dead, etc). Gore films are just not your ideal movie date material because simply because it is gore. It is disgusting; so whether or not you’re getting it before or after dinner, your innards won’t be the happiest parts of your body about it. It’s also not the kind of scary that would make her want to cuddle with you or cover her face with your beloved biceps. It will make her want to throw up. Reserve this for when you are more comfortable with each other; you wouldn’t want her to hear you scream like a little girl when the innards pop out right?

Don’t forget to visit my last blog post.

  1. Slapstick comedy movies (i.e. The Three Stooges, Johnny English, Ace Ventura). Sure they are funny but they are the kind of movies that you would be better off watching with the guys. What makes them not ideal for dates is that apart from the fact that she may not like it yet, these movies also do not evoke the right kind of emotions that would make her fall in love with you. Plus, they may actually be too funny for you you’d lose yourself in utter poiseless surrender – turn off!
  2. Heavy family drama (i.e. Steel Magnolias, Cinderella Man, The Lovely Bones). They are great for Sunday cuddles and late night movie marathons at home with your girlfriend. But if you’re just getting to know each other and just going out, this may not be the best thing to watch. She may enjoy it sure, but you wouldn’t want her to catch you doing either of these: (a) crying like a little boy or (b) falling asleep mid-movie.
  3. Movies that are too sexually-themed (i.e. Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Original Sin, etc) there are tons of movies out there to watch instead; for the first few dates with this woman, a sex-themed movie especially ones that show boobies or very explicit almost porn-esque scenes can be disturbing. On top of that, you would not want her to think that you are trying to sublimely lure you into getting into bed with you.
  4. Cartoons. (The Smurfs, the Muppets, Tangled) the only reason you should take her to the movies for these is if her little brother, little sister, nephew, niece, or any other kid comes with you on your date. Otherwise, please don’t bore her just yet with your childlikeness. Wait for a few dates later.

I found an interesting article to help you. Read it here :)

Good Luck!

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Relationship Lessons from Hollywood



Watching TMZ and following the interesting and exaggerated and sensationalized world of the world’s elite and most popular people might not be everyone’s cup of tea – especially not amongst most men. But trust me, it has its benefits.

But first, here’s a lesson on how to approach a woman anywhere you meet her.

Relationship Lessons

In this article, let me break down to you some of the most valuable relationship lessons from some of Hollywood’s men (and maybe women) that you, Mister, can definitely apply to your own. So brace yourselves, watch your Hollywood counterparts succeed in their own relationships carefully followed around by the careful and scrutinizing lens of the paps cams:

  1. Drugs don’t do you or your relationship any good. So Charlie Sheen may still have kept his superstar status net-worth wise but all the drugs has certainly dragged him too far down including a nasty divorce and child-custody battle with the Denise Richards. So forget about starting that bad deed, or you’ll end up with the nastiest wrinkles and the worst of premature ageing signs you’ll ever see.
  2. Cheating is bad. Very bad. I’m not sure who I should start with on cheating, but I guess Jude Law will do the job. Jude Law kind of had a cheating streak that made him quite infamous for it. It actually made him lose his charm by several notches down when he did it once, and even further when he did it again.  And that’s just Jude Law, let’s not get further on with Tiger Woods. Darling, cheating is bad. It’s not something you should do with pros or the advice of pros. It’s something you should NEVER do with anyone at all.
  3. The funny guys snag the gorgeous girls. Funny guy Jason Sudeikis is hardly Sexiest Man of the Year material, but he is dating the gorgeous, stunning, and very, very beautiful Olivia Wilde. So start on improving that humorous side of yours and put it to good use.
  4. There’s more to a relationship than just good looks; because even the most handsome ones can be in failed relationships too. Ryan Reynolds, aka the Green Lantern, was the Sexiest Man Alive of a few years ago, but that didn’t stop the failure of his marriage with equally attractive chick Scarlett Johansson.
  5. A proper breakup is always called for. Liam Hemsworth would have done Miley Cyrus and himself a better favor if he just broke up with her properly and maybe even sooner. It just got more complicated when they took it much longer than he should have. You think he could be partially responsible for her rebellious twerking???
  6. Great men keep great friendships for a very, very long time. Okay, so this may not technically count for a romantic relationship but hey, a friendship is a relationship too! Take Rob Scheider and Adam Sandler, or James Franco and Seth Rogen, and tons of other Hollywood man BFF’s. Keeping a great friend for a long, long time will tell girls that you do know a thing or two about commitment and keeping it.

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How to Win Her Girlfriends

f1Everyone knows that girls never operate alone. If you think men work better in groups, you’ve probably never seen women in action. We are always in groups! Maybe we are just as good professionally solo, but our extra time is always spend with a girlfriend or two. Girls hardly shop alone, or go to the salon alone; women in far flung farms in the developing countries of this world tend to their plants together and enjoy their hearty leaf-wrapped lunch together; heck, a good dating story is never fun and enjoyed alone! We love group calls, group chats, and group everything – yes, today’s woman has made a social group out of her every activity.

And therefore, when you – the enamored gentleman – could not win the hearts of her friends, your ladylove will never be fully happy with you. And your would-be relationship would never be as awesome and as fun for her – the you-and-me-against-the-world kind of romance kind of takes a bigger toll when her friends make up most the “the world” for her.

Want some tips on making a girl laugh (killer seduction trick from SIBG)? This will definitely help you!

Win Her Girlfriends

So it is important to win her girlfriends. It doesn’t matter whether these girlfriends have outwardly expressed their hate towards you; it is important that her friends like you just the same way that it would make a huge difference when your friends like your ladylove:f2

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So, are you ready to win them girlfriends? *Wink* and *Z-snap*

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How to Impress Her Mother

Portrait of mother with adult son and daughterThere comes a time in a lasting relationship where you’d have to meet each other’s parents. While to you, as the man, the father of your girlfriend would have to be your greatest challenge, impressing her mommy wouldn’t exactly be easy either, although she’d be much more accommodating and much less intimidating to say the least (just imagine all the treats and goodies she’s going to make for you when you come over to visit).

Well, how to make a woman like you is a way easier to learn than to make her mom like you.

Tips to impress her Mom

However, in comparison to the difficulty of having to impress her dad, impress her mom could work to your advantage. Getting her vote, after all, is inching just a tiny wee bit closer to impressing her dad. So how do you win mommy? Here are some very wonderful tips:

Good luck!

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How to Create Your Own “Brand”

Dating and impressing women is both an art and a business deal. When you’re single and looking for someone to commit to, you will meet tons of women who, like you, are meeting tons of other men. And you want to stand out to the right woman. In this process, it is all about creating your own mark, your own “Brand” and advertising it the right way of course. It is what women will talk about when your name is brought up; it is how you will be remembered by the women you’ve met.Men_Very_handsome_man_020715_

How to do it?

How do you create your own brand? How do you want women to remember you after they’ve met you? And how do you make sure that a woman’s impression of you is good? Here are some tips on how to create your own “brand” and how to use it to successfully meet the right woman:

Does she like you? Use this checklist! This is a sure thing now!

Questions? Concerns? Need advice? Need tips? Email me now at! I’ll promise to get back to all of you as fast as I can!


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What to Do When You’re Tired of Dating


Dating could be tiring too.

   ”The cycle of meeting woman after woman after woman in the same process of going out and getting cozy and falling out even before it materializes into something good and potentially lasting can become too much for some people after some time.”

Dating can be tiring, and no one can blame you. After all, that’s time and energy invested into something that just went totally down the drain – sometimes in the most horrible, most traumatizing ways in the form of awful dates.

What do you do when you get to this point in your single life? What should you do when you don’t feel like meeting women? Should you already wave the white flag on dating and confine yourself into becoming the male version of the lonely spinster with a hundred pet cats?

Try these!

When dating fatigue hits you in the face, here are things that you might actually want to try:

Everyone gets tired at some point. Embrace it, be willing to live with it for that’s the only way to know what you want to do next.

Thanks for reading! Also read this interesting article from :)


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5 Things A Woman Would Never Want to Hear from Her Man

Men don’t know women. And perhaps they never will.

It’s funny just how long men have been chasing women and how far the human civilization has become but men still find women a total mystery. Except for the chosen few amongst the male lot who have mastered the SIBG guide on humor seduction or called themselves experts in women (aka playboys and gays), men still make the same mistakes their ancestors made to their lady loves. Forgotten dates, wrong gifts, and more commonly, wrong remarks are the top three on the women’s offense list. And mind you, it is wrong.

The 5 NO NO!


5 things you shouldn’t tell her.

And since wrong remarks are the most common (and oftentimes, the most offensive), here’s a little heads up to every man out there. Here are the 5 things a woman would never want to hear from her man:
5. “You don’t look good in that dress”. This becomes extra offensive if she dressed and made up for hours to go out with you. Boy, remember this: she wants you to appreciate her, and she just definitely wants you to be proud of her, and be proud to be walking with her around. Not so much being a trophy girlfriend, but it does not harm our female egos for our men to show us off.
4. “Did you gain weight?” The only way this statement is non-offensive is if your girlfriend is underweight and is working hard on gaining weight. But for the most of us, we are in a constant battle with weight gain, expanding waistlines, and arms that seem to be in a size competition with the size of our legs.
3. “My ex *insert verb here* so much better!” of “My ex is *insert comparative adjective here*”. Even when you didn’t mean it to belittle your girlfriend, anything that tells her that she’s inferior to your ex-girlfriend in any way is offensive and could land you in the couch for several nights. And several servings of the cold shoulder too! Seriously, how would you feel if you get compared to your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend? You likely wouldn’t like it knowing the average size of the male ego! (Oh and one other tip: any mention of the ex would similarly merit the same amount of rage from your girlfriend so just avoid it at all costs anyway).
2. “You’re just like your mother”. Mother-daughter relationships are as sweet as it is competitive. And definitely not all women appreciate being compared to their own moms, mostly because they get a lot of that at home. You are likely to be opening up old wounds if you drop this type of bomb and she may never forgive you for it.
1. “It was nothing, not a big deal!” A woman makes a big deal out of everything, that’s for sure. And if you made a mistake, if you did something that’s obviously wrong and made her upset, the last thing you’d want to do is shrug it off as something that’s “not a big deal” and try to get away with it, or worst, justify it.

Saying this to a woman is the worst way to end a relationship with her. So, men, which of these are you guilty of?

Instead, read this article to know what is the right thing to say :)

Questions? Concerns? Need advice? Need tips? Email me now at! I’ll promise to get back to all of you as fast as I can! God Bless!

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5 Habits that Can Boost Your Attractiveness to Women

Handsome guy.Throughout history, the world has seen how men have walked lengths to become more attractive to women – to get their attention, to keep them hooked, to make them the alpha males to their dominant women. We’ve seen everything from elixirs of handsomeness to tests of wits and brawn just to catch the eye of the ladies.

Some have worked, some have not, and to this very advanced day and age of technology – many men are still clueless about how to become attractive enough for women.
The problem with men and their quest for ultimate attractiveness is that they make it too difficult and too complicated. And worse, they ask each other. How can another man talk about what is attractive to women? Of course that’s something that can best be answered by no less than yes – women.

Boost Your Attractiveness!

And here’s one tip from a woman to a man – the secret to being attractive, to boost your attractiveness, on how to seduce her from her boyfriend, is simple. It is very simple that you can easily make a habit out of it; here are the 5 habits that can boost your attractiveness:

Smiling guy

Smiling guy looks good.

1.    Smile. A smile is a woman’s perfect accessory. And it can be that of men too! Strive towards achieving the kind of smile that goes from the lips to the eyes. Smile an electric smile – one that makes the other person smile back at you by instinct not by will. This very simple, very basic gesture is so powerful that it can help condition an otherwise sad mind into thinking more positively without so much effort. And a smile can be so gentle and so subtle yet powerful enough to make any person cozy up to a total stranger. Smiling makes you look friendly and comfortable and nice – and this is very easy for any woman to ease up to. Smile and the world – including the women – will smile back at you.

See this to see an article that will help you more to improve your appearance.
2.    Practice good hygiene. He who smells good is more attractive than he who looks good. And so make sure you smell as clean as you look. Practice good hygiene – this gives women the impression that you are very composed, responsible, and that you are in total control of yourself. If you take care of yourself well, it sends the message that you will take great care of your woman too. So don’t be afraid to take a shower, wear clean clothes, and brush your teeth regularly.
3.    Fake confidence. If you can walk with your back a little more straight, and your head held much higher, and you can look people in the eye even when your heart is about to jump off of your chest, you have successfully given faked confidence. And if you do it a bit more regularly, you can fool people – women, especially – into thinking that you are indeed a confident man, so sure of himself. And confidence, my friends, is always attractive.
4.    Develop humor. If you can squeeze in any amount of fake confidence into an intelligent humorous remark, you can get a woman hooked in any conversation. And any guy who can keep a woman’s attention in a conversation will seem more attractive than a man who could not mutter a word. This has been proven time and again, and it will continuously prove true at any date and any era.
5.    Be a gentleman. Even when the rest of the world says that chivalry is dead, you can always bring it back to life. Not only will your lady of interest appreciate it; more importantly, her mother will love you for it. So if you want to win props for being an ideal boyfriend, be a gentleman in your every movement.
Remember, it only takes 21 days to make something a habit so try these things out with a lot of patience and practice – plus consistency – to achieve your ideal level of attractiveness. Good luck!

Also don’t forget to follow these Do’s and Don’ts in Texting Women!

I know this will work for everyone but please do let me know what you think. Email anytime of day and I will definitely answer you as fast as I can, message me at!

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